Monday, August 30, 2010

Forty One: I Spy

This was Doctor visit #2 right before I gave the doctor a dissertation using WebMd and Google Images as my sources.

You can't see the bug bites in the pictures, but trust me, they were there.

At this point, we were playing a riveting game of I Spy. Usually when I play I Spy with Davis it is fairly easy to win because he looks at the object he is going to spy 1 second before he says, "I spy with my little eye..."

But in this particular game, Davis was cheating.

He had spied something white.

I was sitting by a large window on the third floor overlooking the West side of Plano. After I listed out everything in the room, the parking lot, and every sign within a mile that had a speck of white in it, I finally gave up.

"You lose! It was Peyton and Ryan's car!" He shouted.

"That's not fair! They are in Flower Mound. There is no way you could have seen their car from here. "

Then he informed me that, according to Hayden, you can in fact spy something not visible in Level 2 I Spy.

I was obviously unaware of the Level 2 Rules, or the fact that we had made it to Level 2.

If I had only known.


Aunt Amy said...

Those sound just like rules Jeff use to make when we were kids...he made up an entire game for the two of us...and if you ask him today even he does not know the rules to Non-X's...I could never beat him b/c he was the only one who could win. :)

Anonymous said...

I too played may a game of I Spy, and of course always lost. Netcie would spy something that was so miniscule that only she could see it.

Love you,