Sunday, January 3, 2010

Collect All Two

Yesterday we went to McDonalds.

Out of sympathy, I let Hayden pick because he is teething.

(is it still called teething when you are six? Poor thing, he is getting his six year molars and he is so swollen, he looks like a little chipmunk. There has been more than one occasion when I asked him to spit out whatever food he was storing in his mouth. )

Anyway, while at lunch, the kids climbed into the
display window that usually stores the coveted Happy Meal toys.

Rather than telling them to get out,
I took a picture because I thought it was funny.

Get it, like they are the Happy Meal toy?!? And you can collect all of them?!?

It didn't seem like the other parents got it.

Right now they are giving away Avatar toys.

After finishing his cheeseburger, Hayden opened the
Red Dragon and became disappointed immediately.

"IT DOESN'T EVEN MOVE!," he exclaimed as he
reviewed the directions just out of Davis' reach.

Davis begged for the directions.


Louder and Louder.

Hayden continued to hold them just out of his reach with a look that was obvious to all that hearing Davis scream was far more entertaining than the light up Happy Meal toy.

"FINE!" Davis yelled.


Except he forgot the 'D' when he yelled Directions.

That was embarassing.

And then lunch was over.


Mica said...

LOL! Imagine the scene we'd cause with Ella and Davis talking about directions for a clock!!

kel said...