Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sometimes it is like I am living on another planet full of boy code, super-hero language, and make believe. I won’t pretend to be the expert on super-heroes aliases, but I can typically hold my own in conversations about omnitrixes, spider webs, or wolverine claws. Then there are those times, like last night, when I am at a complete loss for a response.

Remember way back in April, when Hayden came up with the concept of a Mega-Brain. Well, ever since then Davis has contended that he has a baby Mega Brain. I guess he just figured that he was about two years away from having an official Mega-Brain.

Last night as we were practicing the ABC’s with Davis (second child, sue me!), he proudly exclaimed…

Davis: I am so smart!
Davis: I have an ADULT Mega Brain now!!!

And that’s when Hayden chimed in.

Always ready to set the record straight on who does and does not have a Mega Brain.

Hayden: No he does….
Me: Hayden! Shhhh! Stop it!
Hayden: But…
Me: HAYDEN! ZIP! IT! If he thinks he has a Mega Brain, he has a Mega Brain.
Hayden: But Mom…
Me: Drop it Hayden! He has an adult Mega Brain! Just like you! Did you not just hear him say his ABC’s??!??
Hayden: No, but…

At this point Davis started to meander out of the room as Hayden was still vigorously shaking his head no. After Davis was out of ear shot, I finally let Hayden make his point.

Hayden: But MOM! Um, there is no way Davis has an ADULT Mega Brain, because to have an ADULT Mega Brain, you have to have flexible science, I think. And flexible science is Not! Even! Real!

As confused as I was, I let him make his point. I nodded, smiled, even made a few verbal acknowledgements, and shooed both of them upstairs to bed.

Then promptly asked Jeff if he had any idea what “flexible science” was…because clearly I am not in the flexible-science-ADULT-Mega-Brain loop.


Betty said...

That is so cute. I bet Jeff knows what "flexible science" is.

kel said...

LOL! hilarious...ahhh, my sweet boys!