Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Manual:

How To Win Over A Girl At A Wedding...
In Three Easy Steps
by Davis Lyle*
#1. Show her your wicked cool break dancing skills.
(Prerequisite: many nights of sneaking out of the
bedroom to watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'
while your parents don't know)

#2. Make Silly Faces to show her you're not one of
those guys that is 'too serious'.
While you are at it, refuse to take a decent picture so that she also
knows you are not one of those guys that is 'too nice'.

#3. Twist and turn, play a round of chase, and give her a spin.
(and hope to God that those Red-Wine-carrying
grown ups near by don't get in the way.)

Hayden's manual does not come with pictures
(because he is six and way too cool now, that's why!)
but the general idea is to throw out arbitrary facts in casual conversation.

Such as:
~ the fact that he is six now.
~that two month period THREE YEARS AGO when he was in karate
(and speaking of karate, he once learned how to do a side kick)
~ and the un-true detail, that contrary to his brother,
he listens to EVERYTHING his parents tell him.
~ and did he mention he was six?

Although their styles are VERY different, watch out ladies.

These men are out there. Just waiting to play a game of tag with you.
*Don't worry Ella. A boy has to sow his wild oats. Just ask Jeff.


Mica said...

I suppose so. He's not 6, yet.

Betty said...

Those boys will certainly be heart breakers! Davis won me over with that great dancing.

Mica said...

Oh and Lis, I think he wants to "sow" his wild oats...not "sew" his wild oats. Although, if he'd like to sew wild oats into a hat or something, I would love to see it!

We're sowing oats over here, too. Don't you worry!