Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Need of Wish Making Lessons

Last night over dinner, I came to the disturbing realization that while Hayden is very smart (just ask me!) and has a memory like an elephant, he seems to lack in his ability to make effective wishes.

Hayden: If I wished upon a shooting star, I would wish that I had a brother that listened to me and had a wallet.

Me: A Wallet? Why would you want him to have a wallet?

Hayden: So that he could buy me stuff. (in his 'like...duh' tone)

Me: Then why don’t you wish that you had a wallet?

Hayden: OH! That’s a good idea!!!

Me: And while you are at it, you should probably wish that there is actually money in the wallet too. (in my 'like...duh' tone)

But really, shouldn't this stuff come naturally? I didn't even get into the fact that one should ALWAYS wish for three more wishes first. Common Sense!

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