Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Lovin’ Had Me Some Fun

Last weekend kicked off Summer Fest 2009. We celebrated by taking a Sunday evening trip to the pool. With our giant Bahamas beach towel, goggles that don’t really work, 2 inch water gun, single diving stick, and diet Coke….we were set.

And all was well until Davis learned the hard way that cannon balls are not meant to be performed in 6 inch deep water.

His scream was literally heard round the neighborhood. Most likely the next neighborhood as well.

I was genuinely concerned he had broken his tailbone. And as we all know, everyone has broken their tailbone. Ahhhh, the excruciating pain.

As I ran over to comfort him with love, the SCREEAAAAAAAMING continued. I tried to calm him down and soothe him, hoping no one nearby would panic at the intensity of his scream and dial 911.

Until finally. A split second of complete silence. And the silence was broken by a holler.


And that’s when we loaded up and called it a day.

Lesson # 2398: Check the depth before you attempt a cannon ball.

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kel said...

LOL!! That has a hilarious ending to it!!