Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Between our work and our home sits a lovely sushi restaurant.

It’s a popular location in the cool part of town. After five o’ clock, it is bustling with beautiful people…singles ready to mingle and businessmen and women throwing back drinks at happy hour.

The sushi is so good that we spend 90 percent of our out-to-eat money there. Whether it is a stress filled day, a happy day worth celebrating, a spontaneous date night, or a night out with the girls, this restaurant is our go-to spot.

Which is why we choose to ignore the mystified looks we get when people pass by our table and see this.
***Oh, and full disclosure...we may have threatened to tell the police officers sitting directly behind him when he inevitably started misbehaving toward the end of the dinner.

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Aunt Amy said...

That is exactly what I would eat kiddo :)