Friday, May 22, 2009

A Birthday Wish & A List Of Sorts

To celebrate Jeff's thirty years of life (with over a third of them spent with yours truly), I thought I would do what I do best. And unfortunately, it is not making half and half cakes like I promised.

Lists, folks.

I make lists. Then I check them. Then I recheck them. And when everything is finally checked and crossed off, I start a new one.

So, I present to you a list of thirty things you may or may not know about Jeff:

1. He used to play the coronet.

2. He’s a twin. But unfortunately for all you single ladies, his twin is a girl. A girl Hayden and Davis happen to love, Love, LOVE because she spoils them rotten with toys (Happy Birthday to you too, Amy!)

3. He is a Wii Professional.

4. He is the first person I go to when I have an excel question.

5. He refuses to go hi-tech with his cell phone.

6. He is anti-social networking, but still will occasionally ask what someone is up to on my Facebook site.

7. He loves sushi.

8. He hates low fat cheese.

9. He once painted his face like KISS and showed up for a high school football game. (For the record, this was what I will refer to as the Before-Lisa era).

10. Pants long enough to fit him are impossible to find.

11. He is a snowboarder, not a skier.

12. He wears his bathing suit 90% of the time he is not working.

13. He has 2-10 grey hairs and is excited about it.

14. He is great at every sport he has ever attempted.

15. He once had three piercings at the same time.

16. He has been kicked out of Wal-Mart.

17. When watching American Idol, he loves to guess what the judges are going to say (in their accent), and happens to have the most luck predicting Randy.

18. He sneezes no less than 10 times every morning before he takes his Claritin.

19. He listens to ultra-conservative-talk-radio.

20. His dream job is working on a NASCAR Pit Crew.

21. He is addicted to cars and uses any excuse he can to look at the newspaper ads. I blame him for the fact that we have had 14 cars since we met.

22. He specialized in taxes in college, yet doesn’t do our personal tax return.

23. He tells everyone that all he wants for his birthday is socks, even though he has socks coming out of his ears.

24. When eating cake, he burns more calories than he takes in by moving the fork to his mouth.

25. He refuses to wear flip flops, and is now on a Converse kick reliving his teen years.

26. The only bones he ever broke were fingers and thumbs.

27. He needs glasses but refuses to go to the eye doctor.

28. He is the only person in our family that doesn't have blue eyes.

29. He is in charge of brushing the kids teeth because the dentist raves about his impeccable hygiene every time he goes for a visit.

30. He once left a job in the middle of a shift, never to return. Granted, he was 17 years old…and it was Builder's Square, but it’s something I can’t say I’ve ever done. (Requested edit: he had just loaded 125 bags of 90 pound portland cement in August, in Houston and was told to 'get up' after taking a five minute break).

And one to grow on…

31. He has a budget that goes out through 2015, and is forced to adjust it on a monthly basis when I over spend.

HaPpY tHiRtIeTh BiRtHdAy JeFf ! ! !


Kara Gordon said...

Happy 30th!!! Welcome to the 30's! They are more awesome than I thought they would be.

Anonymous said...

Wow there were a few things I didn't know about Jeff. I hope he had a happy birthday. The 30s are some of the best years of life, so enjoy them. I love you guys!!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday JJ :)!!!! You mean you didn't need any brown socks??? I love you!!

Martha and Stephen Stadler said...

Haha, that is a great list!
Happy Birthday Jeff!

Melissa said...

Jeff is my best friend and an amazing brother in law! I'm reading this 2 months after his 30th, wishing I got him socks. You rock Jeff!