Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Recipe

Hayden: Dad, Jack and Alexander did a super awesome experiment last week. They made ice.

Jeff: Ice? We can do an ice experiment. Do you want me to help you make ice?

Hayden: Yea. But I will ask them next week for the ingredients.

Jeff: I know the ingredients for ice. We can make it right now.

Hayden: No you don't. I will ask them.

***********Fast forward five minutes***********

Jeff convinces Hayden that he does in fact know the "ingredients" to make ice and pours some water into a tiny bowl.

Hayden convinces Jeff that the bowl of water needs some color. Food coloring is added.

Jeff begins to explain to Hayden that it was going to get very cold that night. Twenty eight degrees, according to the weather man. Because of this, it will be cold enough to make the ice outside. Barefoot, they both brave the cold and walk outside to place the "experiment" on the patio table. Time will tell if Jeff is as smart as he thinks he is.

***********Fast forward twelve hours***********

The weather man was wrong. Jeff and Hayden walk outside to examine what should be ice, but lo and behold, is still just a bowl of bright blue water.

Hayden: See, I told you DAD!

Me: You must be missing an ingredient!

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Callie said...

LOVE this!!!! Your boys crack me up (all of them...including Jeff!)