Monday, March 9, 2009


One day in the next few years, we will sell my car.

And I imagine on that day I will stand in my driveway with the unsuspecting person who answers my craigslist post. Stand there admiring my jet black Honda Pilot.

I will most likely talk about how meticulous Jeff is at getting the oil changed every three thousand miles (and not one mile over!). "Oh my", I'll say, "he's crazy about those oil changes."

Then the conversation will naturally shift to how reliable Hondas are. I'll talk about how I'm related to someone who once put over 200K miles on her Honda.

I may even mention how I once washed it two weekends in a row.

But most likely, I will refrain from discussing this incident. I also won't mention how many times this car has been jump started because of a certain someone who likes to turn on the interior lights before exiting.
Editors Note: Don't judge! He deserved the ice cream cone. He had just completed his very first gymnastics class.

Actually, he had just completed and taught his very first gymnastics class.

As always, he was so entertaining to watch. It only took about ten minutes for him to warm up and decide he not only had a better way but also a better order to do things. He was following the teacher around, pointing and talking non-stop.

As we peered through the glass window, standing with the Olympic bound parents, we could only imagine what he could be so animated about.

"We're doing bars next??...scratch that...check out this totally awesome Power Ranger move."

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