Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 Things (About Me) + A Bonus 5

  1. In high school I had a convertible with a license plate that said ‘Sometimes I Go Topless’. It was a joke. Because, get it…the car was actually the one that went topless. At the time, I worked at a Hallmark store and the owner didn’t get it. She made me remove it for fear it might “send the wrong signal” to the customers.
  2. I can’t say the name Roy. When I say it, it sounds like Rory. For that reason, I try to avoid Roy’s at all costs.
  3. I can eat 3 sushi rolls in one sitting. Yes, I mean rolls, not pieces. Yes, I’m aware that each roll has 6 pieces. And yes, if the waiter second guesses me, it will impact how much I tip.
  4. I don’t trust my SWAG-ing abilities. When someone asks me to SWAG something at work, I pretend like I do, but really have 30 pages of backup supporting my numbers. Call me detail oriented.
  5. I own way too many happy meal toys for one family. I love happy meals. My friends love happy meals. My kids love happy meals. And for that reason, CPS could probably justify taking my kids away if they counted how many happy meal toys are in this house.
  6. I used to be on drill team in high school and sometimes while I wait for the microwave to beep, I pass the time by doing the fight song routine. Or, if I am really feeling ‘on’ that day, I’ll do the old tap dance routine.
  7. I like white noise at work. When it occasionally turns off and the silent stillness fills the air, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to FOCUS because I can hear every click and clack in the entire building.
  8. I once made the mistake of drinking out of an old Coke can that had been sitting out. It had a roach in it. I still get chills thinking about it.
  9. I am the wii hula-hooping champion. I have more revolutions than anyone that has ever competed at my house.
  10. I have a giant purse. So big that I usually can not find what I am looking for. Right this very moment, it has all the usual purse-y items plus one Ben 10 alien force character, one Kung Fu Panda viper toy (from McDonalds, see #5 above) and one pirate hat.
  11. I long to use the word “touché.” Jeff knows this and says it to me all the time.
  12. I believe in gum karma. If you throw gum on the ground, you will eventually step in gum.
  13. I am not a big music fan, but one of my favorite (and only) CD’s is the Beaches soundtrack. My favorite song on it is Otto Titsling. On long trips I put this song on repeat and sing it at the top of my longs. It is wildly inappropriate, but hilarious…. “Do you buy a titsling, or do you buy a brassiere?”
  14. My car is about to hit 20K miles and Jeff and I are talking about it non stop like it is huge deal. But if you know us at all, you know it is.
  15. I just spent 10 minutes trying to come up with a food I don’t like. I can’t. I mean there are the obvious ones like brussel sprouts. But honestly, I have never tried them, and I’m sure with enough cheese I would like them.
  16. When I was a kid, I wanted to marry Donald Trump. Fortunately for me (and Melania!) I outgrew the gold digger stage of my life relatively quickly.
  17. I have never officially broken a bone. Meaning I don’t have an x-ray to prove it, but I am pretty sure I broke my tailbone snowboarding a few years ago. Incidentally, everyone else in the world has also broken their tailbone and they will tell you all about it when you eventually break yours.
  18. I bite my nails when I get stressed. And I get stressed when I bite my nails.
  19. I play Soduku everyday on my phone and it tells me what percentage of the population I beat. If I don’t beat at least 70%, it ruins my day.
  20. Sometimes I am an over-achiever (note that I did 30 of these). Sometimes I do just what it takes to get by. I pride myself in the fact that I passed the CPA exam, but beat the minimum score by only 2 points. That’s efficiency.
  21. I am adventurous, but afraid of scuba diving.
  22. I get a little insecure with those new-fangled online security questions when it asks for my favorite book and I have to type in ‘Where the Red Fern Grows.’
  23. I only watch one non-reality TV show and that is ‘The Office.’
  24. I am one of the most organized people I know, except at work. I can find every receipt for the last five years.
  25. I don’t like to have more than 10 emails in my inbox at once. I file them immediately, and consolidate all of my to-do’s into one email that I send myself. I think this is called OCD.
  26. About twice a year, I get on an exercise kick and run up and down my stairs 50 times.
  27. I have white freckles and affectionately refer to them as my “reverse freckles.”
  28. When I was a kid, I was honored enough to have a cow named after me. At this point in my life, I don’t think I would be so flattered by it.
  29. I have never thrown a boomerang, but always wanted to.
  30. I pluck when Kellie tells me I need to.

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kellie said...

ummmm...not always right when I tell you, it's usually more like the 3rd or 4th time..and I'm finally about to hold you down myself and pluck them myself...and you might cave...but only then!