Friday, December 5, 2008

And They Said Cha Cha Cha

A few weeks ago we went to a dive Mexican restaurant near my parent’s house called Los Jalepenos. The restaurant was moderately crowded. When we entered, there was some sort of band playing on a stage on one side of the restaurant. We were given the option to sit on the band side or the other side. I chose the other side, in hopes that it would allow for more conversation.

About twenty minutes into the dinner, I noticed 12 or so people enter the restaurant. All were wearing black sombreros and they quietly filed in one by one. By this time, the band on the other side of the restaurant had stopped. The group of twelve people gathered in a huddle for another couple of minutes, and quite honestly I didn’t pay much more attention to them.


Until they started filing one by one through the tables to the back of the restaurant and surrounded our table. When I say surrounded, I mean SURROUNDED. To the point where I am thinking, is this some sort of surprise party? Is it my Dad’s birthday? Are we on Candid Camera?

I realize that it is not all that uncommon to have live music at Mexican restaurants. But this was different. Trust me. It was like our very own private mariachi band dedicated to our table. They seemed to be ignoring everyone else in the restaurant. Direct and steady eye contact was made with each of us.

It was surreal, but it turned out to be quite the experience, and although it caught me off guard I would go back to the restaurant and do it all over again.

Meanwhile, my kids barely blinked at the site. It was as though they are always serenaded with “Ring of Fire” as they eat there meals. You can see here, Hayden went on playing with this Transformer and Davis continued dipping his chips in his water. (Davis usually loves hot sauce, but it was too ‘picy, so what’s a boy to do?)

And in case you are ever in the area, I hear that Friday Night at Los Jalepenos is Elvis Night. Stay tuned for that blog post. Surely an overweight man singing Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog will impress the boys.

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