Friday, October 31, 2008

On Being a Good Citizen.

I voted yesterday. All in all it was a pretty simple process. I only had to stand in line for about 15 minutes. I am assuming the line would have felt like it had gone faster if the old man passing out “I Voted Today” stickers wouldn’t have said to Every Last Voter...“Here’s a sticker…that and 5 bucks may get you a coffee at Starbucks”. He thought he was a comedian, and although it was cute the first time, it had lost something by the fourth time.

One interesting thing about the early voting process was that cell phone use was not allowed while standing in line…which is a big deal for someone like myself that may or may not be addicted to the game on my phone called Sudoku.

So there I was…bored out of my mind, trying to come up with other amusing things Old Sticker Man could say, attempting to predict which party people were going to vote for based their clothing, still trying to wrap my brain around why we have the Electoral College rather than a straight popular vote. Then I saw it…the example ballot. Until that point, I didn’t even know there were three candidates running for president. I browsed it and considered voting straight libertarian (just to say I did), and then even pondered the idea of writing down Matt Stadler on the write-in section. Does someone actually count those at the end of the day? ?And if I did that, could Matt say he was nominated for president? I actually gave it some serious thought but then decided to hold off another 4 years when his name will probably be listed on the ballot. If it is, I will probably vote for him…as long as I can play Sudoku while I wait in line.

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