Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Davis,

This month you turned 32 months old. If I had to title this month, I’d call it the do-it-by-myself-month. And wow, does it take a patient person to deal with the do-it-by-myself-month.

If someone were to ask, I think you would tell them you could operate a jet BY YOURSELF! EVERYTHING…from jumping out of the car…to putting on your clogs…to brushing your teeth…has to be done BY! YOUR! SELF!
Except, sometimes you have these waves of inconsistency. A moment where you look up at us in complete desperation as you are trying to buckle yourself in the car and say, “I need help”. But before my hands can grasp the buckle to push it that extra ½ centimeter, you furrow your brow and bark, “NO. I do it by myself.” Like you’re just testing us to see if we really do care. Or maybe you just give up on yourself and then the champion inside cheers you on and rallies you to complete the task. I don’t know what it is, but I will freely admit that I can only refrain from rolling my eyes about 35% of the time. The other 65% of the time, I’m all, “You can do it by yourself, REMEMBER?!?”

I know you love us, but sometimes your outgoing personality has us baffled. Like the other day, when we were at the pool, and as Dad put it, you seemed like you were interviewing other families to find our replacement. We have been going to the pool on almost a nightly basis, and every night, you make it a point to swim into a large group of people, and say “HI! I DAVIS!” Next thing you know, you’re conversing and your Dad and I are looking at each other shaking our heads in disbelief. I don’t really know all the conversations you’ve had, but I am sure you’ve planned dinner parties and told them about the latest Care Bear episode.

Care Bears is still your favorite show on TV. It’s funny, because until this stage of your life, you really had no preference of what cartoon we watched in the morning. Now that you do, we can add one more line to the things-to-argue-about list. The new rule is that you and Hayden have to switch off choosing cartoon in the morning. Which basically means we watch Ben-10 on Mon-Wed-Fri, and Care Bears on Tues-Thurs-Sat.

Although you are definitely your own person, you take to many sayings and nuances that Hayden Lyle does. Lately, you insist on calling him only by his first and last name. I don’t know if you have a lot of other Hayden’s in your life, or if you just like the double name sound of it. Anyway, the other day was the first time I noticed that you said not one, but two sentences combined. You pointed to a commercial and said, “I want that for my birthday. Please put that on my list.” Lately, you’ve also been bringing me small particles of dirt or broken toys around the house and saying, “I found something babies can choke on.” This makes me realize, first off, how dirty my house is, but also how big you are getting. These are both quotes straight out of Hayden’s mouth, and although you probably understand 80% of what you are saying, I can tell by your tone that you think you deserve to be in the 4 year old room just for saying the same things Hayden does.
You're not really one to get into things that you shouldn't be getting into, but on one occasion recently, we found you covered from head to toe in permanent ink. It seems you had gotten ahold of our address stamp. Hayden swears he had nothing to do with it, but we have reason to believe otherwise. You’re doing great on the pottying front, although like I’ve said before, it’s really more about training us than it is you. Once we introduced the 2 M&M’s for tee-tee and 5 M&M’s for pooping, the whole process fell into place. You haven’t yet figured the whole bladder control trick like your brother that allows you to turn what should be one potty trip into 3 (i.e. two M&M’s into six). I suspect it is right around the corner. You love talking about toots though and announce to the world every last time you pass gas, regardless of where we are.
“I TOOP”, you say smiling a sheepish smile from ear to ear. I am now convinced that this is a gene that you inherited, because you did not learn it from anyone in our family…our immediate family, anyway. The other day I convinced myself that you had Herpes of the mouth. Poor child. It is another instance where I deserved a Worst MOM trophy. You complained about your mouth hurting and didn’t eat much. I erroneously made the assumption that you were getting another tooth. For TWO whole days I made this assumption. Then, I finally got out a flashlight to see the “new tooth” and was shocked when I saw blisters covering the entire roof of your mouth. We immediately made a doctor’s appointment for the next day, but Mimi and I spent about an hour or so diagnosing your symptoms over the Internet. Davis, be thankful I am an accountant and not a pediatrician, because I am apparently not very good at it.

A couple of years ago, I diagnosed your brother with autism because he covered his ears when he walked outside near the big water fountain at school. I don’t even remember how I came up with that conclusion. I suspect I typed in “kid covers ears” into Google, and drew my conclusion from the first page of search results. But no, it turns out your brother just didn’t like the loud sound of the fountains.

I’ve also fretted over the very real possibility that your white birthmark on your chest was a sign of something way more severe. But when I asked Dr. Monica, she looked at me like I was crazy and said that “some people just get birthmarks.”

So, on this particular day, I carried you to the doctor with your poor little blisters covering your mouth only as a formality. I was already certain that you had Oral Herpes, which is something that you were going to have to deal with for the rest of your life. But no, you had Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease which sounds a lot worse, but is apparently a common virus. I told myself as I walked out of the office that day, that I would leavethe medical opinions to the doctors since I don’t really have a great track record. We’ll see if I hold true to that the next time you get a cold.
Davis, I hope you know how much you are loved and how much joy it brings your Dad and I to watch you grow up before our very eyes. You are such a sweet, caring boy…one that’s all boy, as they say. I can already tell you’re going to have a great sense of humor.

I love you!
~Eskimo kisses~,

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