Friday, May 2, 2008

Sly as a Snake

I never knew until this week that Fridays are show and tell days in Hayden’s classroom. Or I once knew and somehow forgot for the last three months trying to manage all of the other special days and events in my brain. On an ongoing basis, I know Monday is nap-mat day, and Tuesday is letter day, and Friday is bike day for Davis. Fridays are oh-so-fun following a two year old on his bike trying to assist him without letting him know that I am assisting him.

Next week is Teacher appreciation week and Davis’ class is celebrating with Hawaiian week. Monday is sunglasses day, Tuesday is hat day, Thursday is bathing suit day, and Friday is Luau day. Oh my. Just thinking about it makes me want to open up another browser and put a listing out on Craigslist for a nanny.

Nevertheless, yesterday I was *reminded* about show-and-tell. That reminder couldn’t have come on a better day because earlier this week, on one of my runs (I love saying that so casually, like I do it so often), I came across a 2 foot long snake skin. After about 30 steps of regretting that I didn’t pick it up and convincing myself how much the boys would have loved it, I turned around and picked it up. I am sure I was a sight to see running the last mile snake skin in hand.

Because even typing this, I can’t keep myself from making that face I make right before I am going to vomit. But I did it. I ran the next mile with my right arm fully stretched out holding this snake skin. My mind started to play tricks on myself and I kept double checking to make sure that the snake had in fact shed his skin and wasn’t just hiding in it.

After I got home, AND SET IT DOWN, I began convincing myself of my exceptional parenting.

“Self, what a good mom you are to pick up a snake skin and risk infecting yourself and entire family with some skin-eating-bacterial disease all for the LOVE of YOUR CHILDREN.”

So this morning, I couldn’t help but go downstairs to the daycare and watch him present this great find at show and tell. When it was Hayden’s turn, his teacher was so grossed out. As it turns out, snakes are her greatest fear... and I don’t mean snakes are gross and I wouldn’t ever be caught touching one alive…I mean she looked like she was going to hurl right there on those 4 year olds. She literally turned her chair around and couldn’t even look in his direction while he was talking. After circle time was over, all of the other 4 year olds were asked to put their items into their cubbies and she specifically requested I take it back with me to my desk.

One last story to gross everyone out…Davis officially likes raw oysters. Jeff and I have always liked them, but were surprised the other day at Razoo’s when Davis kept asking for more. Not surprisingly, he thought they tasted just like popcorn. Meanwhile, Hayden just sat and stared at all three of us like we were eating a big plate of snot. Always the picky eater.

And while on the topic of food, let me throw in a Betcha Didn’t Know #47: I am currently addicted to Cheeseburger Happy Meals…cut the mustard…cut the ketchup…add big mac sauce. It’s delicious and only 8 WW points. RUN, don’t walk to your nearest McDonalds and have one. If McDonalds introduces a Jr. Big Mac in the near future, you can thank me.

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