Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clearing My Head

Last night I finally decided to break down and take some medicine for this cold I have been fighting. I don’t sound sick and I don’t look sick, but my throat is overwhelmed with drainage. Anyway, I *never* take medicine, but somehow Jeff convinced me to take some Musinex after hearing me complain one too many times. I didn’t read the box last night before bed, because if I did, I would have noticed the list of side effects and thought twice about taking them:

Keep taking Mucinex D and talk to your doctor if you have any of these less serious side effects:dizziness or headache; feeling excited or restless; sleep problems (insomnia); nausea, vomiting, or stomach upset; mild loss of appetite;

I of course don’t have loss of appetite. Unfortunately, no medicine to date has affected me in that way. But feeling excited or restless? Sleep problems? Check. Check.

I started this post at 5 a.m. after lying in bed for the last hour and a half wide awake. Seriously. It’s like the medicine takes all the snot in your head and replaces it with worries and jumbled thoughts.

I will say this…if I know you, sort of know you, or know someone who sort of knows you…you have crossed my mind tonight and I have probably said a little prayer for you. Because that is what I decided to do instead of worrying.

Here are the top two news stories that I could not get out of my head today:

  • The minister at our church who was just arrested for soliciting a 13 year old minor. I prayed about him and his family and what on earth his wife must be going through. How she would even begin to tell her children. I don’t even know how old they are, but I don’t think it even matters. I thought about the impact it would have on me. I thought about specific people at my work who would use this as a way to detest Christianity. I prayed about my response.

  • The two house explosions in McKinney that left three people care-flighted to the hospital. Stuff like that really plays tricks on my brain. We heard the news story right before dinner last night and then we went outside to eat. When I came back inside, I made Jeff come in immediately to see if he could *smell the gas leak* that I did. He thinks I am nuts!

Then I thought about things much less relevant to the world as a whole. I thought about work and random excel formulas. I thought about how I was just informed I *volunteered* to be the United Way coordinator this year for the entire department and how that meant I need to come up with a fundraising idea bigger and better than before. I thought about Sprinkles cupcakes (best. cupcakes. ever.) and whether they would donate some of their cupcake greatness for a United Way cause. I wondered if Hayden would play well in his tball game tomorrow since his cousins would be there, probably off playing to the side.

Then I filled my brain with happy thoughts, like how much fun we had as a family at Six Flags today, and how my season pass picture was arguably one of the best pictures I have taken in my entire life. I thought about how Hayden told me that Six Flags was the BEST AMUSEMENT PARK EVER. Of couse, it is the only amusement park he has eveer been to, but I am assuming he has researched it online or something to make a statement so bold.

Then I decided to just get up and blog. Thank you Musinex and thank you Internet for letting me clear my head!

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