Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uh Oh --- Spaghetti-O

In the words of Davis...uh oh, sketti-o

This is what went down tonight after bath:

Hayden: Today my firends were making fun of me.
Mom: They were? Why? What did they say?
Hayden: (almost in tears, yet with a bit of a tune) Hayden has a girlfriend....Hayden has a girlfriend...
Dad: Oh. Wow! That's a good thing, Hayden!
Mom: Why do they say that? Who said it? Who do they say is your girlfriend? ...
*admittedly, at this point I am bombarding him with questions since this is the first time he's given more than a one-line description of his day...usually he responds with, "I don't want to talk about it" as if he is going through some sort of messy legal case over fraud in the lego center.

Mom: I know, but who do they say is your girlfriend?
Hayden: Sarah IS NOT my girlfriend!!!
In all honesty, four is a little early to start dating...or going together...or whatever the kids these days call it...but for the record, Sarah is the cool girl in class that already knows how to win over the boys. For her birthday we got her a pink power ranger because she's not into the princess-y girly stuff.


Anonymous said...

He does NOT have a girlfriend! But more importantly he did NOT push the button on the Cars costume!

Lisa said...

Ha! He didn't push the button. He was being serious. He wasn't telling a lie. He didn't push it.