Sunday, April 6, 2008

City Boys in the Country

Once again, we had the pleasure of visiting Buffalo, Texas…a fun little spot half way between Houston and Dallas where there’s dirt… and cows… and fish… and “smarshmellows”…and tractors…and just overall a lot of places for boys to be boys.

We left at 8am and after a 60 minute detour to get night crawlers and gummy worms (a must have to go fishing, according to Hayden), we arrived in Buffalo right around lunch time. We fished and ate and fished and ate some more. Hot dogs and marshmallows taste so much better when you put a giant stick on them and roast them over a fire.

The kids had such a ball there, so much fun that they didn’t want to leave when dusk rolled around and we started loading up the car…

“BUT I DIDN’T GET TO PLAY!!!” Hayden whined.

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