Thursday, March 6, 2008

Move Over Andy Roddick

Jeff has requested that I update the blog readers on his excellent Wii tennis skills.

So, blog readers, I present to you a picture that shows Jeff is now "off the charts....literally."

About once a night, he calls me into the room to show me the screen and repeats that phrase verbatim. He likes to point out how much more he is off the charts than the last night..which is usually a millimeter or two.

As I sit here typing this, it makes me chuckle because I hear the Wii announcer in the background...

Wii announcer: Fourty...Thirty
Wii announcer: Duece
Wii announcer: Advantage Red Team
Jeff: YESSSSS!!! Ha!

Then the victory music starts and that's when I know... without a doubt, he is in there FULL OUT dancing.

1 comment:

kel said...

I have seen it first-hand...He does 'full-out' dance moves at every victory song...throw in a few bubble gum popping sounds...and call it a FUN night!