Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Letter N

Quick….before you finish reading this blog…spout out 5 draw-able items that start with the letter ‘N’.

It is harder that it seems, right?

Fortunately, for lazy moms like me, I have the Internet to rely on. I often wonder what I would have done before the internet. Thank goodness Al Gore invented it, because if he hadn’t, I would have to pull out the encyclopedia every time I wanted to prove Jeff wrong.

I would have to listen to that entire movie theatre message to find out the times, and inevitably, my movie would be the last on the list.

But most importantly, I would probably spend an additional 10 minutes a week trying to come up with words that start with the letter of the week for Hayden’s homework assignment. In a way, I feel sort of like we are cheating when I use Google to do pre-school homework…like I should do some sort of MLA reference at the bottom of his drawings.
But, although the internet undoubtedly saves us time, show and tell homework still brings on stress and Jeff, Hayden, and myself usually end up arguing somehow or another. Usually, the process is to come up with the 5 items as a family, and then decide which ones Hayden can draw on his own, and which ones require “adult supervision”…meaning we draw in light pencil…and he traces in marker. Again, I feel like I am admitting to cheating here, but I digress.

Last week, I asked Jeff to assist him with his letter drawings and then I got busy with something else. The next time I look over, Jeff is drawing a nose with an extreme, almost professional level of detail.

It was like he wanted to prove to the Pre-K class that he had taken 4 years of art in high school. We are talking shading and detail down to the pore level. When I *calmly* asked him what in the heck he was doing, he wadded up the paper looking ever so defeated, and said,

“What? How do YOU want me to draw it?”

“LIKE A 4 YEAR OLD!!!” I said as I quickly grab a new sheet of paper and draw a smiley face with an arrow pointing to the nose.
Repeat this whole story…except this time, change the word “nose” to the word “nut”…

Meanwhile, Hayden was able to manage nine, name, and noodles on his own and we called it a night.

This week should be easier though. Hayden has already come up with his five 'O' items, so now we just have to draw them. They no particular order...

orange juice
orange trashcan
orange ice cream
orange truck

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Mica said...

I am in tears! So funny!