Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I’m Fwying Mommy!

Please don’t turn me in to CPS for this next video*. I promise I wasn’t ignoring my two year old. I was just documenting his…let’s call it… persistence on tape.

And persistent he is.

I didn’t even reach for the camera until he had said “I’m Fwying Mommy” (flying) over 500 times. He would continue repeating it until he was acknowledged with “that’s so cool Davis” with just the right excitement and inflection in my voice. If I acknowledged him a second too soon…like after the first or second time he said it…he would tack on 5 additional “I’m Fwying Mommies”.

Needless to say, it takes both patience and skill to raise Davis.

*Disregard the piles of laundry and Davis' skinned up nose. It's not a booger.

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