Monday, February 25, 2008

Check Please!

Have you ever noticed that you can tell if a waiter or a waitress has kids by the way they treat yours while they are serving you (side note: do we still differentiate wait staff based on gender, or is that politically incorrect these days?).

For the most part, Jeff and I have mastered the task of eating out with a two year old and a four year. For starters, we both have an innate ability to shovel food into our mouth and swallow with out chewing. We usually order an appetizer or something to break up the long wait between order time and service time. And the majority of the time, we ask for the check and pay about mid way through the meal. We handle meltdowns through bribery. But what we weren’t prepared for the other day at our favorite sushi restaurant, was when our perky, overly friendly waitress thought she would do us a favor by bringing us ONE toy for the boys to share.

One toy. Two kids.

And not a restaurant approved toy. Like some old McDonalds toy at the bottom of her purse.

Perky-friendly waitress obviously doesn’t have children…and if she happens to have one, she definitely doesn’t have two. In her mind, it was a win-win. Get this sombrero-wearing-bobble-head-dinky-toy out of my purse…make the kids happy …score a bigger tip.

That defining moment is what we’ll call the end to our (until then) perfect sushi dinner. And for the record, the tip remained the same.

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