Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On Your Mark

Get Set.


That picture above represents my first official race since 5th grade field day. I resolved to run a 5K every month and gosh darn it…I did it.
That is of course, if by run, you mean walking-slash-making-the-bouncy-movements-of-running. If you happen to log on to the run-on website and look up my race number, you may be surprised by what you see. You may even think there was some sort of computer glitch when you see my time.

A finishing time of 43 minutes and 30 seconds may be considered a fast time for someone that walked the whole time, or a nine-year old, or a 350 lb. man, or an AMPUTEE…but I am a 27 year old fully capable woman who RAN 50% of the race. I was thoroughly disappointed when I saw the time as we crossed the finish line…until I noticed that I BEAT MICA…by one whole second!!

So anyway, it’s official. I run slower than I walk. That is the only explanation. Running slowed me down. That and the fact that it was twenty degrees…and we were running by the water (which felt like negative 20)…with 40 mph wind. Is that enough excuses to justify my time?

But I got my cool t-shirt…and my free banana…and my free 100 calorie cookies. And I left.
January 5K…Check!

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