Friday, December 7, 2007

Santa Claus Moy Pronto Llegará

Consider this a Betcha Didn’t Know – slash – holiday update.
Betcha Didin’t Know #42: In Ms. Wilcox’s 10th grade Spanish class, I learned how to sing ‘Santa Clause Is Coming To Town’ in Spanish. To this day, I sing it about 200 times between Thanksgiving and Christmas. After three years of Spanish, it is one of two Spanish phrases I know…the second I picked up at age 7 on the monorail at Disney World. Please stand clear of the doors… Por favor me tenga se allejado de las puertas. It’s probably wrong, but that’s what I remember.

Anyway, on to the holiday update part. Not only is Santa coming to town…many of you may not be aware, but new technology (i.e. cell phones) allows him to frequently call the boys and girls to *remind* them that he is coming when they are making sad choices. I am sure the boys are both still on the list, but they may be near the bottom since we have already had 5 phone calls from Santa. Hayden was on his best behavior when we visited him at the mall…but Davis is still not a big fan. Looking at the pictures, you can see not much has changed in the last few years. And is it me, or does Santa not age?

Other than that, the holidays are treating us well. My tendencies to overachieve and get all Christmas shopping done the weekend after Thanksgiving is starting to backfire. I find myself meandering around the mall with Kellie every day at lunch. One man at JCPenney even told us he was going to start charging us rent.
---PLLLLEeeASE…Do you know who WE are? We could have you fired!

In all honesty, we do look pretty pitiful. On one particular day, we decided we both wanted to exchange watches for Christmas. I didn’t realize until Kellie later pointed out how much we sounded like “partners” when I excitedly exclaimed – “You have two of those? Oh good---we can still have matching watches.” Two days later, we accidentally wore the exact same outfit…a button down shirt topped off with a black vest. That didn’t stop us from prowling through our store for the fifth time that week. Kellie and I are happy to assist with the weak retail market…right after we take off our 20% associate discount…our 10% credit card discount…our $10 off $50 coupon…I’m just hoping to catch “The Biggest Sale of Them All” this weekend.

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