Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vacations and Splurges

Jeff and I recently had the pleasure of going on a mini-vacation. We each took 4 days off and headed down south to beautiful H-town. Each time we go, it seems to be more humid than the time before. That being said, we had a great (but sweaty) time. We visited Jeff’s parents, we fed the ducks, we shopped the mall, we fed a giant rat and more ducks, geese, and birds…and at one point, they seemed a little more interested in eating Davis than the bread. Then we headed further south to Galveston…which really is not as bad as everyone says it is. Originally we were nervous that Galveston was in line to be hit by Hurricane Dean, but fortunately for us, Dean had just gotten his passport and was heading to Mexico instead. The weather was fabulous for us. We did everything and more that you can possibly do in a 24 hour span. We ate, looked for seashells, pretended we were seashells, fed the seagulls, went to the aquarium, went to the Imax, and ate some more. On the way back we asked Hayden what his favorite part was…it was riding the elevator, of course. That being said, I think our vacation next summer will be a lot cheaper. We can just head up to my office one Saturday and ride the elevators for a few hours.

As we were preparing for the trip, I was struck with the car-bug again. I started thinking how much better the trip would be if we had a DVD player in the back for the kids. We probably could have gone out and purchased a portable DVD player for a hundred bucks or so, but instead we bought a Honda Pilot. Although Jeff liked the idea of the DVD player on long trips, it wasn’t that easy to persuade him. I decided the third row that the Honda Pilot offers had to be the second biggest selling point...

Lisa: ”what if we want to meet Marc and Tiff and pick up the boys so they can spend the night…how would I do that without this handy third row?”
Jeff: “we’ll take two cars…”

An hour or two of that, and we were headed to the dealership. It really is too easy. But in all seriousness, I absolutely love the car! This is the one…this is the car we are going to keep forever…trust me! The DVD player is definitely a double edge sword though. After day 2, we realized we had to set some ground rules because Hayden would spend a full 10 minutes deciding which movie to watch on our 5 mile commute. New Rule: the trip has to be greater than ten miles unless it is Friday. It really is fun to be a parent and make up such arbitrary rules.

Since the new car was purchased on the fact that the third row was vital, I jumped at the idea of having John Austin, Reed and Ellis spend the night with us last Saturday night so that Marc and Tiff could go to a concert. The kids are finally at the perfect age for sleepovers. We watched movies, played, rough-housed, went to church, and had a picnic at the park. The most challenging part was the next morning when we took them to Krispy Kreme…the kids were not acting up at all, but I could feel people staring a hole through me while we juggled 2 toddlers, 7 milks, and 2 dozen doughnuts while counting and re-counting to make sure we had the right number of kids, doughnuts, and milks. Overall, there were very few tears shed and I think everyone had a blast.

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