Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mark your calendars

Hayden has officially changed his birthday to May 7th. We have been arguing with him for over two weeks on this topic and just can’t seem to convince him that first of all, it is not possible to change your BIRTHday…and even if it was possible, May 7th is actually further away than his real birthday. He isn’t listening so if you don’t get an invitation in the mail come October, you’ll know why.

Hayden is Fli-lingual (which actually means Bilingual in Spanish). In case you weren’t aware, Hayden speaks Spanish now…or he thinks he does anyway, he knows how to say:

  • Davis = Flavis

  • Water = Flater

  • Baseball = Flaseflall

  • House = Flouse

I took thee years of Spanish and never realized it was as easy as replacing the first letter with ‘FL’. Who knew?!?

Not to brag, but it’s not just Spanish that Hayden has been learning lately. He also has become quite the swimmer. Earlier this summer, Mimi took him to a lady she teaches with for swim lessons. It was everyday for one full week. He learned so much more from that one week than he did from the 10 weeks last summer at the professional swim school. He’s now jumping in and swimming about 10 feet. He still hasn’t learned how to come up for air, but I am sure he will be a professional in no time. On the last day of swim lessons, this lady invites the parents to watch how much the kids have learned. It was then that I realized how very similar Hayden and I really are. There were three kids in the class and the teacher would rotate working with each of them for about three minutes each. While the other two kids were on “break”, they would each spend their time practicing the technique the teacher just taught them. Hayden, however, spent his free time acting like a transformer making weird noises and doing crazy kicks and lunges. Then, each time he was called into practice he would ask the requirements upfront to insure that she wouldn’t tack on any exercises at the end…

Hayden: How many times do I have to do “rocket arms?”
Ms. Janie: 4 times.
Hayden: And then I’m done?
Ms. Janie: Yes, and then you’ll be done.

Pretty smart if you ask me…It’s the I’ll-do-just-enough-to-get-by mentality, and I honestly have to say that he got that from me. I was elated when I found I passed each of the four parts of the CPA exam with less than an 80. Since the passing grade was 75, anything over an 80 would mean I wasted time and over studied (Mica). I mean seriously, do you know what your CPA scored on his/her test? Doubtful.

Speaking of learning, I am back in the learning stage here at work. I recently took on a new job doing completely new things. I like change and it came at the perfect time, but this position has more accounting than the last…which means I need to freshen up on my debits and credits lingo and figure out how to do impairment testing. But more importantly, I need to train myself that the women’s bathroom is in the opposite location on this side of the building. You see, with my new job came a new office…and let me just say how very fortunate I was the other day that my new boss was not in there when I mistakenly walked into the men’s restroom. I am making that my #1 priority…read the sign on the door before entering the bathroom.

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Mica said...

HEY! Don't call me out like that!

Why do they change the bathroom order? I think the people that plan building layouts do it as a little joke. Luckily, I've never been caught!