Friday, July 27, 2007

BYDK – I haven’t forgotten

I promised 50 “Betcha Didn’t Knows, and I keep my promises:

Betcha Didn’t Know #30 - I am a food contaminator. I am, on occasion, guilty of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and using the same spoon. This is one of Jeff’s biggest pet peeves that I do.

Betcha Didn’t Know #31 – My brain is insanely weird. I can remember about 10+ phone numbers from 1990, but don’t even know my current home phone number. I can’t for the life of me delete this information from my brain. I wish I could. Those phone numbers are of no use to me now. Even if they were still working, I wouldn’t need to remember them…I would just program them into my phone and use the available brain space for other important things that make me look like an idiot when I can’t remember…you know, stuff like the exact time my kids were born, the 14th president of the United States, when to use affect and when to use effect, important stuff.
Shout out if you recognize your number:
288-9408, 353-9165, 288-0744, 288-8651…delete…delete…delete….CTRL-ALT-DELETE!

Betcha Didn’t Know #32 – Speaking of phones, I was spoiled enough to have my own phone line at the age of 7. In today’s world, I guess that would be the equivalent of having my own cell phone at that age…and that’s just weird. Parents, what were you thinking?

Betcha Didn’t Know #33 – I occasionally still wear maternity pants. You see, a couple of years ago I bought a cute velour sweatsuit. It was one of those instant buys because I fit into a size small. I have a personal rule that if I fit into a size small or a size 6, I have to purchase the item immediately…for the record, there have not been too many instances this rule has been applied. Anyway, I bought the sweatsuit, and it was a few weeks later before I realized the brand was “duo” …which is a maternity brand. It was too late to return them, and it would just be crazy to put them upstairs in the closet with my other maternity clothes. I reasoned that the difference between those clothes and this particular pair of sweat pants is that those were bought when I was pregnant. You see the difference, right. Regardless, I am still wearing them.

Betcha Didn’t Know #34 – I am officially addicted to Craigslist. I decided that Davis was a big boy now and it was time for him to get a big boy room. To be honest, it had more to do with me finding a cute new comforter at Target than his actual age, but the point is I was done with his crib and didn’t really want to store it since there was a 90% chance we wouldn’t need it anyway. I listed it on Craigslist Sunday at noon, and within 2 hours I already had 2 phone calls and 3 emails about it. By 7pm that night, the crib was sold to a happy couple (with 6 kids, no less) who paid not a penny under my asking price. Here is Davis in his new "big-boy" bed. He's so proud!
Tonight, at about 10p.m. I listed my lightning struck TV (see below) for $30...Jeff as my witness, 15 minutes later, I had received 5 phone calls. One with the audacity to offer $25...yea right! Update...I just received phone call #6 from a guy that lives 5 minutes away, so he is coming to pick it up right now. I sold it out from under the other 5 people who called...bad business, but it's more convenient for me. Before I posted this I got phone call #7 and you think I priced it too low? In my defense, the repairman said it would cost $700 to fix it. Obviously, at least 8 people in this world...make that 9 people in this world think they can fix it for less.

Betcha Didn’t Know #35 – I am obsessed with monogramming when it comes to baby girl items. Since I don’t have a baby girl, I only recently became aware of this obsession after hosting a baby shower for Mica. She had a registry list, but we pretty much ignored it because it was much more fun finding out just how many things you can get monogrammed for a baby. Bibs, burp rags, bloomers, dresses, socks, bows, hats, baby bags…you name it. If you want your name on it, someone on the internet sells it.

Betcha Didn’t Know #36– I am an inventor. Well, I am not technically an inventor, but I do have an invention that if I could ever find the time to do whatever inventors do to get their product to the mass market…I would make millions. The invention…drum roll please…”SHOE-CAPS”. I can’t get into the specifics because I can’t trust you people won’t steal my idea…but think kappa meets doc martens…you buy the sole and switch out the tops of the shoe to change out the colors. Millions I tell you, millions. I'll get to that at one point in my life and you’ll see.

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