Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Zoo Crew

We recently had the privilege of going to the zoo on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, this is the only picture we took the entire day, because the rest of the day we spent chasing Davis who has become too independent to be tied down in a stroller. If we weren't doing that, we were searching for spiders on the ground. You they would bite us and we could turn into Spiderman, like Peter Parker. Elephants,'d think they are roaming in our backyard with the lack of interest from the boys. But the moment we saw the insect exhibit, it made the day worthwhile.

On another note, if anyone is going to the zoo and wants 4 tag-a-longs, let us know. We were coerced into buying season passes because they “pay for themselves” and entitle us to “any zoo and aquarium in the country”…except the Fort Worth Zoo…or Moody Gardens…or the Dallas Aquarium….Those are the first three I asked about before the salesperson rephrased to “any public zoo”. So basically, we can for-sure get in to the Dallas zoo again, so if you are up for going, give us a call.

If you ask Hayden about the best part of the whole day, he would quickly tell you it was the McDonalds right outside of the zoo….which is a little disappointing because I don’t think they charge $70 for a McDonalds Season Pass.

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