Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeffery-Beffery!

To celebrate Jeff's 28th birthday, he asked for nothing else but a Spiderman cake.

More specifically he wanted (and I quote from an email)... "the cake to have Peter Parker being bit by the spider and turning into Spiderman and fighting the green goblin and Harry Osborn is there and then the Green Goblin dies and then Doctor Octopus shows up and then throws money and then he dies and then the Spiderman turns into black Spiderman and then fights Sandman and then he turns good and the other guy turns into Venomand then Harry helps Spiderman defeat Venom and then the Sandman turns good and that's all."

As you can see, that's just what Mimi got him....with a little less detail anyway.

Now in all fairness, I am sure he was being a little sarcastic because this is the very-specific-no-detail-left-unsaid story that he has to tell Hayden every night....but what a NERD!

On his actual birthday, Kellie volunteered to watch the kids and I treated him to a big night out to
...drum roll please...
Pei Wei!

After that, we stopped by the mall so that I could show him what I would have bought for his birthday had I been a good wife. In case anyone is wondering, it was a pair of very cool shoes from my retailer-of-choice, JCPenney. I offered to buy them at that point. He refused. We made our way back home. It was a very exciting night!

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