Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Germ Worm Strikes Again

The end of February and the beginning of March was a difficult month for the Lyle clan. We spent 4 out of 4 weeks going to the doctor’s office for one reason or another. In case anyone is wondering, Windhaven Pediatrics is actually expanding their facility and our family is the largest contributor to the funding with excess doctors visits.
Week 1 – Davis and the monthly cough
He loves that breathing treatment machine, just ask him.

Week 2 – Hayden and the nursemaid elbow
Look it up on the internet…Jeff still feels terrible. Although in his defense, it was 98% Hayden’s fault.

Week 3 – Davis and the puking incident
…All over me, all over everything as I was filling out the same paperwork I have to fill out every single time I go to the urgent care facility. Looking at the bright side, it got me out of the paperwork.

Week 4 – Hayden and the mysterious ‘laying down’ phase
Hayden’s teacher brought it too my attention that he lays down randomly about 5 times a day. After about 5 minutes of online research, I was in tears and convinced he had Leukemia. Countless blood tests and 4 x-rays later and we now know that it is either growing pains or just a behavioral thing he does. Looking at the bright side, coincidentally it was ‘the letter X’ week at school, and Hayden got to bring in his very own X rays of his cute leg bones…with no malignant tumors on them. It also led to one of my favorite ‘kids say the darndest things’ quotes to date. The day we took him for the blood tests, Jeff and I felt so guilty for allowing him to be poked and prodded, we decided to buy him a new toy. However, he immediately found two Spiderman toys he couldn’t live without. Jeff and I reiterated that he had to pick only one toy. As he sat there in apparent contemplation of which toy to pick, we noticed both toys he wanted were on clearance. We knew what we had to do.
Jeff leaned down and said, “Hayden, since you were such a big boy and were so tough today, Mommy and Daddy decided you can have BOTH toys.”

Hayden excitedly responded, “I knew you wouldn’t let me UP!”

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