Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter updates

No big life shattering updates, but I finally have a second to breathe. Kids are in bed, Jeff is watching ultimate fighting champion, or something equally mind-numbing, and I have no new friends to “catch up” with on myspace. Well, let me rephrase that. I could if I wanted to. I do have one new “friend”. I use quotes around the word friend because she would fall into the very, very, distant acquaintance category. It is funny that of my nine friends on myspace, only 2 would know if I died. So, if I happen to die in the near future, could either Kellie or Mica please send a bulletin to my other friends, and try to schedule the funeral around Linus’s concert schedule. Anyway, this new friend is apparently an ex-girlfriend of Jeff’s…news to me. She wasn’t as forward as Mica’s “friend” that directly asked for Michaels email address because he was “nice”, but she did specifically say tell Jeff “hi”. Actually, she sent a really nice email congratulating me on my family and masters degree. I am not letting him respond until he admits that he likes myspace in an itty-bitty way. Once he does that, he can catch up with all...or both the ex-girlfriends he wants to.

Easter was fun. It is getting late, so I will just give the highlights…church, cousins, deviled eggs, hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, Easter egg hunting, water guns, deviled eggs, candy and pie. It was about 20 degrees too hot for an outdoor Easter egg hunt, but the kids had a blast. I got carried either party hosting, or changing diapers, or hiding Easter eggs, or something and did a pitiful job of taking pictures, but the ones I did take are posted at (login: / Password: password). The Easter bunny was quite generous to both Hayden and Davis. Hayden got a coloring book, markers, a skooter (aka “kooter”), a ‘piderman kite, and candy. Davis got several little toys, a teether, a book, a veggie tale kite, and candy.

I am in the stage of my career where people are going out of their way to look for errors in my work. Everyone knows it is easier to point out flaws in others’ work than actually doing the work yourself. This is the second time for me to publish this particular report. Last year, everyone could care less about this report. This year…there is a new-sparked competition within my group. People are coming out of the woodwork trying to find mistakes in this report. It is like survivor. People trying to throw me under the bus end up making themselves look more stupid. I am flattered by the attempt though. I love proving people wrong…especially when they come into my office trying to prove me wrong. It is as much fun as bullying a stupid car salesmen on a Saturday afternoon. I’m like a financial kick-boxer. I answer the phone with such confidence, and with a bit of sarcasm (just a tinge) say things like “You’re definitely right, that does need to be pointed out, in fact, I have added a FAQ section in the back to address just that…see page 33." They are left pointing out the trivial things like the fact that I should capitalize the ‘O’ in ‘other assets/liabilities’. You got me there! Can you imagine how career damaging it would be to send the report out with a lower case ‘o’. If only you could burn calories by arguing, I’d have it all. Which leads me to…

I ran one mile tonight. Again, not life shattering, but for me and my muscles it was a big accomplishment. I ran it in 14 minutes. If I keep training like this, I will be ready for a marathon in no time. I am breaking no records on the 20 pound competition. I guess I should look at the bright side, I only have 23 more to lose. Not bad after this weekend. But I am back on track starting today. Worked through lunch, had cereal for dinner.

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