Friday, April 28, 2006

You wanna piece of me?

Congratulations on your Graduation, Little Big Boy!
Let me just start by congratulating Davis on achieving new status in the eyes of Hayden Lyle. For the last six months, anytime Davis’ name is brought up in the same sentence as doing anything, the response from Hayden is always, “no, he can’t play with that…he’s too little”, “no he can’t eat that…he’s tiny”, “no, he can’t sit up like that…he’s just a baby”. As of last weekend, Hayden acknowledged that Davis is officially a “little big boy”. It is going to be so fun to watch the transition of their relationship from baby brother, to little big boy, to friend, to enemy, to friend again, to best man….am I getting ahead of myself?

Sickness of the Week Club
Escape from the healthy crowd by joining the Lyle Sickness of the Week Club. Avoid the health nuts and vitamin pushers and escape to a different sickness every week filled with snotty noses, everlasting coughs, and random polka dotted rashes. This week’s illness: Fifth Disease. Join Now! Hayden and Jeff have already joined. As of last Saturday morning, Hayden contracted Fifth Disease which sounds much worse than it actually is. Fifth Disease is a contagious viral illness known as "slapped cheek disease" because of the distinctive rash on the face. Shortly following, another rash will appear on the arms and legs with sunlight exposure. To describe it in Layman’s terms he turns into bright red polka-dotted boy every time we get into the sun…and he will continue to do so for three weeks. He doesn’t really notice, but everyone else sure seems to. The good news is that by the time you start getting the rash, you are no longer contagious, so he was able to go to school all week. Jeff had what started out as a cold and turned into a sinus infection. He finally (after a week) decided to go to the doctor and get some antibiotics….and fortunately they started working almost immediately.

Friday Show-and-Tell
Well, as you know, we finished the alphabet in Room 16. This week, the direction we got for show-and-tell was to bring in a shape. Last night we were brainstorming on what we could bring that sets Hayden apart. Jeff mentioned that a stop sign was an octagon. That is a true statement…but I just couldn’t see the feasibility of stealing a stop sign (on a school night) and carrying it inside along with a stroller, diaper bag and two kids. About that time, Hayden chimed in and said he wanted to bring his “lellow and ro-ange ball”. Perfect! A sphere. The we did a few practice runs on his presentation…”Hello class, for show and tell I brought a ball…the shape of a sphere”. If he can remember his lines, we are sure to beat out the triangle and square bringing kids. If he doesn’t, we will just look like stupid parents who didn’t know it was shape day. To be honest, I am more concerned that he will throw the ball and break something than I am that he will forget his lines.

You Wanna Piece of Me?
Whoever taught Hayden this phrase, could you please stand up? I actually think it is hilarious, but probably won’t in a week. Last weekend, he charged Jeff saying, “you wanna piece of me… you wanna piece of me… you wanna piece of me…” Against my better judgment, I encouraged him.
Lisa: You want a piece of ME?
Hayden: No, I do not want a piece of you.
Lisa: Good answer!

Sorry for the delay in the blog update. It was a stressful work week, it was a diet week, it a fifth disease week…it was a busy-busy week, which is why I am just now giving the update from last weekend.
You have a problem with that?
You wanna piece of me?

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