Sunday, October 29, 2006

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To Infinity and Beyond…
Halloween is probably one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love it. I don’t admit that much, because as a Christian, I feel a little bad about it. It’s not like I am worshipping evil or anything, I just like the holiday. As a kid, what’s better than getting to dress up and ask your neighbors for free candy? I love the weather. I love the colors. I am not one of those kids that outgrew Halloween either. I can remember trick-or-treating even through High school. Anyone can put your hair in a side pony-tail, throw on some glitter and call yourself a punk rocker for free candy, and that is what I did 10 out of 18 years. I also remember being a football player once (Matt was a cheerleader). And one year I must have been going through a too cool for school stage, because I just wore a t-shirt that said, ‘this is my Halloween costume.’ I remember thinking I was so ‘hot’, as we used to say.

I still feel a need to coordinate the kids in their costumes. I realize this could be my last year to do so. This year, Hayden is going to be Buzz Lightyear and Davis is going to be Woody. Hayden is still trying to convince me that he would rather be a fireman, but I am trying my hardest not to give in. I am hoping he’ll still want to be that next year, and I can dress Davis up as a Dalmatian. But if I am being realistic, I will buy both the outfits and on about October 26, 2007, Hayden will be begging to be a Power Ranger or something. We’ve already gone to the pumpkin patch and taken pictures. We didn’t buy any pumpkins because it just doesn’t make sense to pay $30 for a pumpkin when you can go to Wal-mart and buy a bigger one for $2.88. I still can’t understand why the FlowerMound Pumpkin patch owners are in a legal battle with the other FlowerMound Pumpkin Patch owners over who stole who’s idea and who deserves to be there more, when they are not even smart enough business owners to charge admission, or at least charge to park. We go there, take some great pictures, and leave empty handed. They really are missing $$$ opportunities. Oh well! It’s cheap entertainment for us. Next big event: the annual Halloween parade around my office. If any of you think I go overboard, wait until I send some of the pictures from this year’s office pumpkin parade. Some kids ride on floats, literally.

How We Spent Our Extra Hour…
This year we were invited to a Halloween party where costumes are mandatory. I was half-way tempted to go only for the blogging opportunities, because the invitation came from the neighbors (many of you may remember which neighbors I am talking about…reminder: brass statue). However, I just couldn’t bring myself to spending money on some ‘rowdy’ referee outfit or sexy sailor suit just for a good story or two. We opted out and just decided to live vicariously through others. From the looks of it, the party across the street was hoppin’ and all was well Saturday night until about 2 in the morning when we heard a blood curdling scream followed by “HELP ME…HELP ME.” Jeff immediately shot out of bed, ran to the front of the house and noticed three people out in the front of our house looking for someone. Jeff hurried outside and told them he heard a scream and someone calling for help from behind our house. To which all three replied that she was the guy’s “crazy” girlfriend who had drank too much. Jeff pointed them in the direction of the scream and about 5 minutes later the boyfriend and “crazy” girl started walking down the street. As the boyfriend was trying to console her, she was still visibly upset, crying and still calling out for help. Jeff was walking about 15 feet in front of them and started thinking maybe the boyfriend wasn’t so innocent. As Jeff turned around to make sure she was okay and offer to call for help, “crazy girl” started really going crazy…screaming “GET HIM AWAY FROM ME…HE TRIED TO KILL ME….GET HIM AWAY FROM ME….HELP ME.” At that point, it seemed like “crazy girl” thought Jeff was trying to kill her so he confirmed with swinger-neighbors that they would handle it from there, and we walked inside and spent the next hour and a half pondering if she was a schizophrenic or if the boyfriend was a possible murderer. Then we discussed for 15 minutes how I would be Jeff’s alibi should “crazy girl” press charges on Jeff…and another 15 minutes discussing what a waste of daylights savings time that was.

Other Tid-Bits For Ya:
Jeff decided to shave his head like when he was in high school. I have no idea what inspired him to do so, but I’m not a big fan. He’s currently in the grow-it-back-out stage. If you don’t get photo Christmas cards of the family this year, you know why.

Also, today Hayden said “Daddy” no less than 800 times. I kid you not; he was on a Daddy kick.
Hayden: Daddy…um…Daddy…Daddy…did you know what Daddy?
Jeff: What Hayden?
Hayden: Um…Daddy…Daddy…I chewed my food Daddy.
Seriously, by the end of the day we could not control our laughter. Jeff actually told him he could have candy if he didn’t say Daddy for one full hour.
Hayden: Um…Daddy…I can not say Daddy for one hour…Daddy? Daddy, is that what you said, Daddy?

Betcha Didn’t Know:

2) Normally, I save my daylight savings. You see, if you do not set your clocks back until Monday morning, it is all the more rewarding. That was the plan anyway…until “crazy” girl went and screwed everything up. I don’t know if we’ll be able to adjust this year.

3) I have an obsessive compulsive trend that comes out with my TIVO (it’s actually a DVR, but let’s stick with the story). I “prefer” to have at least 90 hours remaining at all times…so every night I go through and delete all extra shows. Sometimes, I’m too tired to watch all of the shows I taped. This may inadvertently result in deleting a show that Jeff has taped and not yet watched ;).

4) Every day, I tape a show on Food Network called Semi-Homemade and every day I watch it. Sandra Lee makes all kinds of cool meals and desserts using half store bought items and making it look like her own. To this day, I have not made one single item that I have seen on the show.

5) I eat Chipotle every Monday at lunch. It’s my one big splurge. Looking forward to Chipotle-Mondays is what keeps me motivated through the rest of the week. Weird…but working.

6) I now weight 3 pounds more than how much I told* Jeff I weighed when he asked me on our second date (…no idea why I kept dating him, but I’m glad I did). *That probably means I am the same weight now, because who wouldn’t deduct at least 3 pounds when asked your weight on the second date.

7) Since meeting Jeff, I have decided that I do like Chinese food and steak (if it is rare).

8) I like stays in the hospital. Maybe it is the fact that your every wish is only the push of the button away. When I think about not having another baby, the thing I think I would miss most is the time in the hospital.

9) I have new-found shoe fetish. Today I bought 2 more pairs. Pointy-heels….so not the old-me. My normal size is a 7.5, but today I bought a 6, so I guess that means my foot is shrinking.

10) I love free money. Because of this, I switch my prescription on a monthly basis. This month I got a $20 gift card to Walgreens. Next month, I plan to take advantage of another corporate shmuck…Target.

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