Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Plan J- Reasoning With a Two Year Old – FAILED

I haven’t given up completely on the sticker chart. Apparently they have already tried this at school. When I explained the idea to Hayden last night, he seemed to prefer the sticker on his arm vs. the sticker on the “chart”. Today when I picked him up from school, I noticed he was wearing different pants than when I dropped him off. I decided to take another approach…to try to reason with him…. maybe he had a good explanation.
The conversation went something like this:

Lisa: Hayden, you have on different shorts. Did you have another accident today?
Hayden: Yeap! (with excitement)
Lisa: That is a sad choice. Why didn’t you go to the potty?
Hayden: No, it’s not sad! (with excitement)
Lisa: How many accidents did you have today?
Hayden: One accident.
Lisa: You had one accident?
Hayden: One…two…accidents.
Lisa: You had two accidents?
Hayden: One…two…three….accidents.
Lisa: You had three accidents? Why are you having so many accidents? That is so sad. **Thinking, surely there is some great explanation**
Hayden: Because I…because I am a frog….ribbit….ribbit.
Lisa: What? Why don’t you just go to the potty when you feel like you need to TT?
Hayden: Because I…because I am doing all kinds of stuff.
Lisa: What? Why don’t you just go to the potty?
Hayden: Because I…because I had vegetables in my mouth and I had to spit them out?
Lisa: What?!!??
Hayden: That’s enough Mommy!

So, that ended it. He was right. Enough was enough! I’m done trying to reason with a two year old.

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