Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mommy’s Day

I had a wonderful mommy’s day…from start to finish. Throughout the day, there were plenty of hugs, plenty of kisses, and the night ended with wine, sushi, and Grey’s Anatomy. Sure, it was grocery store sushi, and $3 wine…but it was relaxing, no less. I was rewarded with a massage gift certificate that Jeff picked up for the boys. He must not have known that Hayden had already made me a potted plant at school. When I dropped Davis off in Sunday School, the teacher pointed to a group of about 20 silver pins with pictures in them and told me to pick up my mothers day gift from Davis. I stood there for about 3 minutes trying to find the child that most resembled Davis. I didn’t want to wear around a picture of someone else’s child all day, but I also didn’t know how to say “uh, do these have names on the back?” I am still not 100% sure that I chose the right one. In my defense, the picture was the size of my thumbnail and I didn’t recognize the shirt Davis was wearing. If it is not Davis, it is at least someone that looks like him…that should do.

This mother’s day I am reminded how truly lucky I am to have a wonderful, caring, nurturing (sometimes to a fault), loving, mom….
who loves me unconditionally…who would sacrifice anything for me…who reminds me to wear a bra, even when I have one on….who knows when I am venting, and when I truly need advice….who worries about me….who brags about me…who knows exactly what section of the phonebook to search under when I go missing. She is the person I call when I am crying or elated…and more often than not I take precedence over Word Worm J.
Most of all, she is my best friend.

I am also lucky to have a great mother-in-law. She raised a wonderful son, and equipped him with sensitivity, kindness, and compassion. For that, I am truly thankful!

Which leads me to….my favorite gift of all….my annual mothers day card from the boys (and Jeff). Every year, Jeff makes me a homemade card. I love it!
This year, I’ll share…for both bragging and documentation purposes.

2004 (My first Mothers Day)
Dear Mommy,
You are the best mommy a little boy could ever dream of. Thank you so much for changing my diapers and making me look handsome every day. Thank you for giving me a bottle when I am hungry and for holding me when I am fussy. Thank you for the little kisses you give me on the cheek. Thank you for playing with me and for reading me stories at bedtime. Thank you for letting me play in the bathtub extra long every night. Thank you for encouraging me to crawl and to stand even while I am grumpy. Most importantly, thank you for being you. I love you Mommy!

Dear Mommy,
You are the best. Over this past year I have grown to love you more and more every day. Your Mommy skills never cease to amaze me. You comfort me when I have an ouchie and you give me smiles and clap for me when I learn new things too (like riding my ‘bites’). I know you love me lots because you get me ready for school and tell me how handsome I look everyday. And when I am cranky, you turn my frown upside down with the perfect song. There is absolutely no other Mommy I would rather have. My baby brother or sister has no idea how lucky he or she is to have you. Even though I don’t tell you enough, I really want to tell you that I LOVE YOU and HAVE A HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
Love your biggest fan ever,
Hayden Jeffery Lyle

Dear Mommy,
Thank you for being the best mommy that two boys could ever dream of. You do so much for us that goes unappreciated every day that we wanted to thank you in writing so you might have a hint of how special you are to us.
From Davis: Thank you for everything, from the way you feed me orange colored vegetables to the way you put my diapers on nice and snug. You are always available to smile at me when I am trying to talk. I also love the way you encourage me to be a big boy when I get nervous about school every morning.
From Hayden: I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but thank you for doing only the things that you are the best at. For example, thank you for creating a colorful way for me to track my potty progress. Also, thank you for being so sweet and cuddling five minutes extra with me every morning. Finally, thank you for never making me chocolate milk again….last time was DI-GUS-TING!!!
All in all, you are the very best mom in the whole world and we both love you with all our hearts.
Hayden & Davis
(This year the card was extra special because Hayden decorated it with a picture…and went on to give the artists’ intentions. One green (‘geen’) scribble to represent Daddy, one purple scribble to represent Mommy, one orange (‘ro-ange’) scribble to represent Hayden, and one tiny blue dot to represent Davis).

I am seriously the luckiest daughter/mother in the world!!!

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