Friday, March 3, 2006

I Wy Wy Wy Wy Won---der…..

How many other moms are up at 11:59 p.m. looking in the dictionary under the letter ‘U’ attempting to find a good item for Friday show-and-tell. What will Hayden bring with all this preparation, you ask?

---------------Drumroll please---------------
A Utensil.
I know, it’s not great, but it is better than the Umbrella the other 13 kids will “show and tell” about. Plus, he won’t have to worry about the Waco superstition of opening an Umbrella inside. After careful review, a Utensil was my only option. I figured no one would Understand if Hayden brought in a Unit of some kind, I don’t know any Umpires, Uncle Matt has to work, Jeff said Underwear was inappropriate, the Universe does not fit in the Accord (especially since I have to bring in diapers tomorrow), Uranium is probably unsafe, and Urine is definitely out of the question. This is where we’ll separate the good moms from the mediocre moms. Sure, your child may be eating fresh fruit, home baked muffins, and yogurt every day, while Hayden is snacking on his package of powdered doughnuts, but do you think through your show and tells? Probably not. I’ll keep you posted on how many Umbrellas I see tomorrow. I will give some credit for anyone that brings in a Unicorn of some kind. We just don’t have one.

As I was packing the pie slicer Utensil, I noticed that the weekly calendar said they could bring in something that started with a 'U' or had the letter 'U' in it. All that work for nothing! Change of plans--Hayden brought in BUzz Lightyear. It is a good thing they decided to be more lenient with the rules, because we don't even own a xylophone.

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