Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy {Early} Valentine's Day!

square canvas + stapled b&w Fabric (found here) + red buttons (found here)

I skimped on the kids'  class Valentine cards this year so I could do a fun mantel project instead. 

And this morning I didn't have a single regret as I 
handed over a stack of tiny Monsters University cards 
"To: My Friend, From: Nathan"

I hope everyone has a  Happy Valentine's Day! 

Jeff and I have a standing couch date on Friday nights, 
but this week I am looking forward to it more than ever! 

We have had the world's hardest two weeks ever - 
battling every germ that has ever floated around Plano. 

Strep? Check!
Flu? Check!
Tummy Bug? Check!

Throw up in a bucket, in the car, in the toilet, in the sink, in the bed, in a towel.

I'm even to blame. 
At one point I took the trash to the dump because we missed trash pick up day - 
and the rancid smell made me pull over a throw up. 

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's hoping you and yours don't catch the tummy bug! 

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Betty said...

I'm sorry every one has been sick. I hope they are all recovering. As usual, you impress me with all your craftiness. I wish you had been my friend when I was young. I could learn so much!