Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

So it’s two thousand thirteen now. It’s day two and I haven’t even made any resolutions. I might just resolve to not resolve. We went around the table the other day and asked everyone what their resolution was. Blake and Nathan were a little less vocal about their resolutions, but I think I knew what they were getting at with their lack of response.

Hayden “vows to play Aggie football one day.”

Davis “vows to make more chocolate pies.” Which should be relatively easy to achieve, since he has never actually made a chocolate pie.

Blake is finally going to figure out how to poop on the potty and his stretch goal is how to manage his temper.

And Nathan is going to quit the pacifier cold turkey in starting in February.


As I compiled the pictures for my second year-in-review video, I realized just how pitiful of a job I did blogging this year.

From the New Years Eve talent show – to the most dramatic birth story to date (that sounded like a Bachelor Spoiler) - to my potty training woes – to my domestic goals update – to all my pinteresting projects - I really need to catch up.

All in all, Twenty Twelve was good to us.

We watched our second son, Davis, accept Jesus into his heart and get baptized.

We completed our family on February 18th when Baby Nathan arrived a month early and then made it official a month later when my tubes were “obliterated”.

Blake and I began the arduous task of potty training….after tackling the transition to his new BIG BOY BED.

Hayden completed the karate elite team, tested for his advanced brown belt began training to get his black belt this year.

We took an infant (and his three older brothers) on a plain, train, automobile, and to every park at Disney World and Universal Studios. (And loved it). Babies are the ticket to a free second ride without waiting in line. I thought you should know that.

We made the switch to become a single income family when I quit my job in September. And while I miss the paycheck and the me-time, I am definitely getting into the groove of things.

We cheered Davis and his little league baseball team all the way to the playoffs. And without Davis’ mad bubble blowing lessons in the dugout, his team would have been just another team in the playoffs blowing small bubbles.

I watched one of my best friends find true love and tie the knot. Oh Happy Day!

Jeff shot his first deer and the family spent the next two months eating deer jerky, deer chili, deer sausage, deer spaghetti, etc. etc. etc.

We sold almost all of our tables on Craigslist and began refinishing furniture projects for a more homey – home.

We survived the world NOT ending, but ate really good the week before, you know,  just in case.

Hayden caught us in the act – of playing Santa this year. Thank goodness Jeff is still able to think on his toes and we were able to keep the magic alive another year. Either that, or Hayden is one heck of an actor.

So long twenty twelve.

Hello twenty thirteen.

Be kind to us, please.

The annual year-in-review video is below. It turned out decent even though I lost about three months of pictures when a son who will go un-named dropped my computer rendering my hard drive useless. Maybe he should vow to never drop my computer again instead of becoming an Aggie quarterback.

Oops. I hope I didn't give him away.

(Thanks to Jeff for finding the song and saving me fourteen hours of listening to itunes).

2011 year in review here.


Mimi said...

Wow!!! I loved that, and you are so blessed, which adds to my blessings. This was so good. I loved the pictures, music, family and most importantly YOU!!!

Love you,

Betty said...

You are blessed and you are a blessing. Your video almost had me in tears. You have the most adorable little boys (all five of them!). Happy 2013.

kellie said... had me in TEARS! Holy Moly, that was fantastic! The song was perfect! 2012 was an incredible year and I'm so blessed to have all of you in my life!!

GrandDad said...

Love it ! With only claiming to have a portion of your 2012 photographs, your year-end review is awesome! Your family is a blessing to us. We love the Lyle Boys (and their Mom).