Friday, October 5, 2012

Easy Peasy Almost Homemade "Crab Cakes"

As you know if you have been reading this blog for almost any length of time, I am fairly new to the kitchen, even though I became a wife 13 years ago and a mom 9 years ago. I love trying new things, but just not that creative when it comes to food.

But now I have turned over a new leaf since I recently started my new career staying at home. And since my newly revised "goals" included being more domestic, I thought I would start trying some new things on a weekly basis....assuming there aren't more pressing things going on in the Lyle house - like dressing up a medium size pumpkin like a fictional character, for example.

But before I begin, you should know that my favorite cooking show on TV (I'm not even sure it's still on TV) is Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade. She is right up my alley because she takes a few store bought ingredients and turns them into her own.

I love that.

Take something and make it look like it took a lot of time... leaving more actual time to help with homework, cart kids around to practices, and decorate pumpkins like fictional characters.

Even Rachel Ray's thirty minute meals are over my skill set. Pretty much every dish I make in the kitchen has a prep time of 15 minutes or less (longer cook times are okay, as long as I can multi-task), whether it's dinner on a weekday practice night, or a side dish for Thanksgiving.

So here is my own concoction of Easy Peasy Almost Homemade "Crab Cakes" using only two ingredients. They look super fancy, taste delish, and take two ingredients.

Crescent Rolls + Crab dip (found in the seafood section)

The crescent rolls are already cut into triangles, but cut in half again to make 4 triangles.Spoon in crab dip.

Fold over the corners of the triangles.

Place into the oven on 375 degrees for 11 minutes.



Kath said...

This looks really good. I will make tomorrow and let you know what the family thinks of the new recipe. Rachel Ray's recipes always take me at least 45 min. Love reading your blog!!

Jeff said...

These were amazing. The pictures don't do them justice. And I had them as leftovers reheated in the microwave. Great job babe!!! You are the best.

kel said...

Wow, these look fantastic! I can't wait to make them!!

Kim @ Chubby Cheeks Thinks said...

Ahhh! Love this! I am so going to make these!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for linking up for my hop and following me! I'm now following you on google+ :)


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