Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Verse} Versus

As the boys get older, they seem to lose their little boy-isms,
little by little each day. For this reason, I have stopped correcting them
when they say words wrong.

These days it's just so far and few between that they mispronounce something or use a word incorrectly, that now it's just better to let it slide, and let serve as a reminder that they are still little boys...little boys that don't know everything, even though they would have you believe they do.

One of those boy-isms is the way Hayden and Davis add an 's' plus and apostrophe 's' to the word mine.
"That's mines's!" they'll shout about a toy or snack or whatnot.

Another, is the way they misuse the word "versus."
Hayden and Davis "verse" each other constantly.
Whether it's in a made up game of pirates, or a game of basketball, they use this word all the time. And now that they are getting older, they are starting to show more interest in college sports as well.

Who are the Aggies versing today?

So when I saw this topic, I couldn't help but think of them.

Fall baseball is in full swing now and Davis is on a Great Team.
The team is amazing and has been playing together for three seasons. Last season, they finished second in the playoffs. It feels good to be on a winning team for a change.
Just to give you an idea, we've been in PSA for three years now, and just found out last week that they even had playoffs.

I can't say Davis adds a whole lot of value but being with better players is definitely improving his game. It's so fun to watch that I actually look forward to the evening practices...just sitting back, relaxing, watching him play, and enjoying this cooler air that has rolled in these last few weeks.

So here is a thirty second highlight clip of his last game.
On this particular day, the Giants were "versing" the Giants.

And as Davis says at the end of the video,
"It's not about winning. It's about having fun."
(But for the record, we won...15-1, no less

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