Monday, September 10, 2012

The "If You're This Tall, It's Mandatory You Ride" {Sign}

at "Universal Orlando Resort" July 2012
And by the way, those line attendants at
"Universal Orlando Resort " take their jobs VERY seriously.
Don't for one second think they are just
Disney World Cast Member wannabes.
Sure, some of them are. But not the experts that work in the height restriction line.
{I heard that} this one kid that was like a quarter of an inch too short for
a ride and tried to roll up his socks to boost his heel just enough.
Did it work?
{I heard} It didn't.
There's a reason that these employees got a bachelor's degree in Theater Arts
and it's not just to dress up and run around the park in Harry Potter costumes.
It's to control heathens from getting on a ride that they are
too short to ride, if only by a quarter of an inch.
Hair will be combed flat and heels will be forced to the ground
to ensure The Safety Of All!

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