Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hi! I’m back!

Here is my best attempt to try to summarize all that has happened before this post.

1.      We had a magical trip to Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort.

Not Universal.

Not Orlando.

Universal Orlando Resort, thankyouverymuch.

Don’t think you can shorten the name and not get corrected by Hayden within thenext four seconds. We loved every minute of it though… Except those couple of minutes when it started pouring down rain.
2.      Blake threw a water bottle at me causing me to drop my iPhone in the bathtub rendering my phone camera broken and blurry.
3.      We celebrated our 13th anniversary. Wow! Who’d have thought we’d last this long? Just kidding. I knew we would last, but if you told me 13 years ago what our family picture would look like (me, Jeff, and four mini-Jeffs) I would have laughed in your face.
4.      I replaced my iphone, and no, not with the latest and greatest one.
5.      I dropped my iphone and broke the screen approximately 43 hours after that.
6.      I replaced my screen on my iphone.
7.      Nathan turned six months old and just when I think he is not growing as fast as the others, I run across a picture of him from acouple of months ago and am shocked by all his changes. He is thisclose to sitting up. He doesn’t crawl yet, but gets wherever he needs to by scooting and rolling all over the place.
8.      Mica accused me of having a favorite kid – which makes me second guess myself every time I take a picture.
9.      I made spaghetti with meat sauce and went to prepare Hayden for this around 4pm. He moaned and whined, and attempted ton egotiate. “Can we have spaghetti –O’s instead?” he asked, with emphasis on spaghetti, so I’d know he was willing to meet me halfway. When I refused and sternly said, “No! Spaghetti is what we are having for dinner”, he quipped back, “Ugh! I don’t like fancy food.”
10.  Davis started baseball and since the Rangers weren’t playing in the fall – he joined the ranks of the Giants. Coincidentally,the kids on the Giants all happen to be GIANT. So much so that I had to ask another mom if this was in fact a first grade league, fearing that I had accidentally signed him up for Hayden’s age bracket on accident. Crazier things have happened, but it was a first grade league with Very Large Kids.
11.  Hayden tested and received his brown belt inkarate. Or Tae Kwon Do. Or Martial Arts. Or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I didn’t get to attend the test due to a conflict, but Jeff, who has never done a karate kick in his life didn’t think Hayden actually deserved it. Fortunately for Hayden, Master Drew did think he deserved it.

12. Hayden and Davis started school. Davis got the teacher that I always wanted Hayden to have in first grade, but he never got. Hayden got placed under a brand new teacher, named Mr. Downs. I think until this year, Hayden had no idea that boys could be teachers becuase he walked out of the classroom on Meet-The-Teacher night, and said, "Well that was just weird!" I explained to him that boys can be teachers too, and successfully hid the fact that I was weirded out by the whole exchange as well - but for different reason. Hayden's new teacher looks to be - I don't know - four, maybe five years older than Hayden. But all is well because this is week 2 and Hayden has exclaimed that this is going to be The Easiest Year Ever! Which I feel a little uneasy about.

13.  Oh, and then I went and quit my job.
Which is exciting.
And scary.
And freeing.
….all wrapped into one giant unemployed ball.
On one hand I feel like I’ve just been promoted to the “hardest job in the world”,and on the other hand, my pinterest to-do list seems to be growing at a faster rate than I can cross things off. Who am I kidding, I haven't crossed anything off the list yet.


Betty said...

Yea. You are back! I only wish you and Kellie would get rid of the thing where you have to prove you aren't a robot! It usually takes me about 5-6 tries. Of course, I don't have to worry about it too much with Kel's blog. Today is the 5th and she still doesn't have a post. I don't know what she is doing! All of your boys adorable. Don't listen to Mica. Blake just happens to be the most photogenic! I love to see his pictures with that perfect smile.

Mica said...

#9! I can't stop laughing. You're raising some fantastic husbands over there! Keep it up!!

Fun Kellie said...

uhm....hey betty, kellie's mom...bite me! :)