Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Me and My GrandDad, 1982

Blake and His GrandDad, 2012

Blake knows his GrandDad is a special guy.
You can see it in his eyes when GrandDad walks in the door.

He BEAMS with excitement, and I'm sure it's only partially
because he knows that a cup of marshmallows is only minutes away.

But he has no idea that his GrandDad's main goal as a grandparent is to
make memories that will last a lifetime. He'll figure that out as the years go by.

Marshmallows elevators, bow and arrows, basball games,
and unwritten adventures tomorrow.


Betty said...

Note to self-get marshmellows before I head up to Dallas just in case I run into this adorable child!

Mimi said...

I love this blog!! That picture of you and your grandDad made me smile. When you were little he enjoyed all you guys so much, you can see that in his face. Now Dad loves all the boys, but Blake sure has him wrapped around his little finger now. Dad will have many adventures with the boys, and I love getting to go along for the ride (and to make sure he doesn't do anything too outrageous).

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I hope my future grand kids love me as much as my boys love their Granddad.