Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 20: Something I Can't Live Without

I can't really think of too many things I can't live without.

Obviously food comes to mind, but who am  I kidding,
I could probably go a full 3 weeks
without putting an ounce of food in my mouth and be just fine.

Oh, and just that sentence above probably made Jeff lose 7 pounds.
Because our relationship works like that.
I diet. He loses weight.
(But I am not bitter about his amazing metabolism. Not one bit).

Anyway...the point is, there is no one thing I can't live without.

Would it be terrible to go a week without my iPhone? Yes.
Excruciating, even.
But I would manage.

But it's the people I really can't live without.
Hayden and his mad origami skills
Davis and his helpful and always present personality
Blake and his HI! HI! HI! every morning
Nathan and his loving cuddles

And Jeff.
There is no other husband like Jeff
If something ever happened to him, 
I would need three husbands to fill his shoes.

The memories I have made with him
in high school,
then in college,
then as a young married couple,
then as a team - a team of parents figuring out life together
will last forever.

The video below represents {most of our} memories from 2011.
I should have posted it 5 months ago, but then life got busy.


Mimi said...

Wow! That was awesome. You are blessed beyond measure. The video made me smile so much. You and Matt and your families bring such happiness to me and your dad. I love you!!!


Kel said...

Wow...this video is AWESOME!! So cool!!

Betty said...

This video brought tears to my eyes. You have the most amazing family. I feel like I am a part of your family. I know your Mom and Dad are so proud of everything you and Jeff do. I can't believe I haven't gotten to meet Mr. Nathan.

Mica said...

Tell me more about those memories from high school. They are my personal favorites.

Love the video!

Aunt Amy said...

AWESOME family pictures :) I love you all :) !!!!