Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 29 - Day 30: In My Fridge, and Nature, and How It Relates

So this is going to be a combined post because I am lazy.

But follow me makes sense.

Above is the inside of my fridge. It basically stores the essentials for breakfasts (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese), and then 400 bottles of Ranch, Catalina, and other random dressings I must buy EVERY time I go to the store. Not sure why I think we are always running low on condiments.

What I don't have inside my fridge is many ingredients to make dinners, and sadly this is the case more often than not. We are either eating on the go, or enjoying a low key night with no extracurricular activities by going out to dinner.

 I'm trying to change that though. I've found lots of recipes on Pinterest, and even started a list of easy meals that I can refer to when meal planning at the beginning of the week.

Unfortunately, that is as far as I have gotten.

So, on this particular night, our family packed up our
new Angry Bird chopsticks (thanks Netcie!) and headed to our favorite sushi restaurant (thanks Mica!).

This particular restaurant is a bit on the fancy side, and probably prefers diners to not bring their four kids. But whatever, we like it.

So far eating out with four kids has been quite interesting.

Three kids was not that big of a deal, but now with four...
it is hilarious when it comes to getting seated.

I have never worked in a restaurant, so forgive me if I over-simplify it.

I am sure I am missing something about why it is so complicated, but Jeff and I crack up every time because the hostesses usually have what appears to be a staff meeting on how to accommodate us, sometimes even consulting the manager.

This phenomenon is not limited to just this restaurant either.

Maybe it's extra confusing because we need a high chair for Blake and a sling for Nathan...but then we only need 2 kids menus, not 4. 

"We could push table 14 and table 15 together," I hear them strategize. Some heads nod, some heads disagree...and more discussion ensues.

About that time, someone usually confirms that we really need a high chair and a sling. But only 2 kids menus???

"Yes, a high chair and a sling. And it's 5:00 and the whole restaurant is empty, so does it really take 5 of you to figure it out?" I say in a much nicer way than that.

One time in the future, I want to just say six adults and then talk about the actual seats once we arrive at the table. 

Of course, I still think that most restaurants have an unspoken kid seating area (which I totally get) and maybe that adds to the complication.

All that to say that on this particular night, all the hostess meetings and confirming and consulting paid off because we got the best patio table in the restaurant. It faced a big open green belt with a winding creek and the weather was beautiful.

Still with me? This is where the nature part comes in.

When the big kids were finished, they were allowed to go play and we could enjoy the rest of our dinner in peace with only two kids.

Then we joined them and walked along the creek spotting ducks.
It will go down in history as one of my favorite dinners ever.  

Open WIDE - Davis is always willing to try everything

Angry Birds chopsticks (BYOC)

Mama duck and baby ducks...her life is even crazier than mine.

Hayden orders the Bento box, but the family refers to it as the FEAST because that sounds more interesting

A sleeping baby - perfect for a night out

note Blake double fisting the spoons -
he means business when it comes to eating


Betty said...

I cannot believe your kids will eat sushi. Gag. I mean good for them and you! Once again you and Jeff have proved what great parents you are. I don't know that I would tackle four kids on a outing!

Aunt Amy said...

Looks like fun :) All except the sushi eating part that is :)