Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 27: Lunch

On day 27, I had a lunch date set up with Jeff. We were supposed to go to a Vietnamese place that he RAVES about. Lunch dates are the best because the big kids are in school so it doesn't involve asking anyone to babysit.

Anyway, we were supposed to meet for lunch at 11:30 but I inadvertently stood him up.

I even got an early start that morning because Blake had a follow up appointment for the ear tubes he had put in a couple of months ago.

I was actually going to blow the appointment off, but began wondering if he still is having trouble hearing because he is not talking much and does 90% of his communicating by pointing and saying "THIS."

In Blake's defense, he actually does say Mama, Dada, Milk (kill), Please (peas), Thank You (Cane-Q), You're Welcome (Kelcom), Hi, and Bye Bye. He can also say shoes (ooze), which should come as no surprise given the amount of times we say Hayden/Davis PUT ON YOUR SHOES every morning.

It's also an inside joke that I swear I heard him say Granola Bar the other day. Jeff thinks this is hilarious and makes fun of me for it daily.

"He can't even say his name, but you expect me to believe that he said granola bar", he laughs.

And of course, OF COURSE! Blake won't back me up and say it again no matter how many granola bars I bribe him with.

Anyway, we went in for his follow up and the good news is that Blake is hearing 100%. Apparently he is perfectly content pointing and saying THIS! and geetting everything he wants at his beckon call. Call it a benefit of having older brothers.

The bad news is that I went into the sound booth with Blake so that he could sit on my lap and relax, and I couldn't hear a thing. Literally. I was still waiting for the test to start when she opened the door a couple of minutes later and said he did GREAT.

It's so weird because I know I can hear, but apparently I can only hear at a certain decible range or something.

Or maybe I can't hear anymore and I have just gotten good at reading lips?

Anyway, that threw the rest of my day off. After the appointment, I dropped Blake off at "school" and Nathan and I went to Wal-Mart.

If you know me at all, you know that Wal-Mart with only one kid is like heaven to me.

The only thing better is Target with no kids. I'd call that a mini vacation.

So there I was shopping at Wal-Mart strolling aisle after aisle. Kids clothes, art supplies, spray paint. The possibilities were endless because Nathan and I had 2 more hours until his next feeding.

One thing led to another and there I was in the sporting section looking for a sweatband so that I can do this cool no-heat hair curling method* I saw on Pinterest, when I finally decided to check my phone.

Oh CRUD! It was 11:20 and I had about 15 missed texts from Jeff. Fortunately we have the Find-My-Phone app and he had looked me up. I think once he saw I was in Wal-Mart, he knew it was a lost cause and to go ahead and get something from the cafeteria.

Oops! Thankfully it wasn't our first date.

All that to say I am posting a picture from dinner that night instead. This particular dinner was a special occasion...Hayden's celebrate his Karate Elite Team Graduation earlier in the week.

Obviously, he chose Burger King.

Because who doesn't choose Burger King to celebrate promotions, big life events, and what not. Can you think of another restaurant where the meal comes with a crown?

I didn't think so!

Jeff and I often question what we did in our free time before we had kids...when we only thought we were so busy. I still don't know, but I know it wasn't sitting at Burger King playing Connect 4 using a Kids Meal toy.

But for the record, I won that game.

I still haven't tried the no-heat curling method using only a sweatband, but here is the link if you want to try it. I did buy the sweatband, so the next time you see me I might have movie star curls...or it might just be flat against my head like always...who knows!


I'm Cindi... said...

Lisa, I have laughed and laughed at you saying that going to Target alone is like a mini vacation. And my husband just called me while I was in the middle of reading, so I had to share it with him, and he got as tickled as I did. He even told me he knew he called me for something. :) BTW, thanks so much for your sweet, sweet comments and visiting my blog too. I appreciate that so much!

Betty said...

When I retire and move to Dallas, (don't tell Kellie), I will babysit so you can go to Target and Walmart all the time!