Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 16: Morning

To be honest, this blog day was almost the end of my blogging streak because I'm not a morning person.

Never have been, never will be.

Now less than ever since my mornings start at 3am.

Not to say that I don't get any sleep between 3am and 6am, but it is difficult enough to get us all up and ready by the time school starts...much MORE to remember to take a picture somewhere in the middle of the process.

And by that I mean it is really difficult for Jeff to get us all up and ready before school starts. Anyone that knows me in real life, knows that I am a snooze-button-aholic. I have been grunting "5 more minutes" since I was 10 years old.

In junior high, I missed the bus many of times.

So many times in fact that the lady at the donut store came to know me because my parents would have to drive me to school on those days and inevitably we'd stop at the donut store. Bonus!

"Where your daughter?" the owner of the donut store would ask if they would show up without me in tow.

Then in high school I became very good at getting out of tardies.

Did you know that if you are late in high school, you can go to the School Counselor and talk about college options for five minutes and she will write you a pass to first period?

"Do you think I should apply to Texas A&M or UT or both?
Both? Yea, that's what I was thinking too.
Can you write me a pass to my English class?"

And now here I am...a real life adult.
With real life kids that can occasionally get tardies (only because they haven't yet figured out the counselor loop hole).

Thankfully, I married an early bird that is willing to pick up the slack in the morning.  That's not to say I don't have any morning chores. I do. They just all happen to be done while I'm still in bed. Diapers...Feedings...Getting kids dressed...Shouting reminders to brush teeth and put shoes'd be amazed at all I can accomplish in those extra 30 minutes in bed.

Top Five Things That Happen At the Lyle House On An Average Morning:

1.) Jeff makes breakfast for Hayden, Davis, and now Blake. Blake was promoted to the Big Boy Table when Nathan arrived. Blake used to hang out with me drinking his milk and watching Fox 4 news. 

2.) I feed Nathan which is much easier because it can be done lying down.

3.) Hayden and Davis argue over who's turn it is to pick out the cartoon, regardless of the fact that they both like to watch the same exact show every morning. I guess there is just something exciting about "picking" that show.

4) Blake finishes his breakfast and begins roaming the house. At that point, we are tied up and everything is free reign. Removing clothes from the laundry basket. Washing his hair in the dog water bowl. Climbing in the shower fully clothed. Dumping out a box of cheerios. You would be amazed how productive a 16 month old can be.

5) Kids begin brushing teeth, but never without complaints.
Because brushing teeth is "SO LAME!"

Somewhat related: We recently bought this new kid toothpaste that claimed it glowed in the dark. Davis insisted on turning out the lights and brushing his teeth in a dark closet for a full week before we finally figured out that the package glowed in the dark...not the actual toothpaste.

I'll tell you what's lame, fine print that says that only the stupid label glows.

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Aunt Amy said...

Wow ... my twin the early bird ... I never thought that I'd hear that ... all my life he woke up late and slept in as much as he could ... guess he finally got enough sleep and doesn't need it anymore ... that is sure a good thing :)