Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, after the turkey and dressing had long settled in our bellies, I cheerfully suggested that we pull out the Christmas tree and decorate.

I had forgotten that Jeff was in a bubble until the marathon when he voiced his concerns about putting up the Christmas tree for fear he might get hurt.

Now granted, our tree is twelve feet tall and not the easiest thing to maneuver.

However, we've been putting it up for six years now and managed to stay injury free.

In an effort to compromise (because I didn't want wait until mid December to get festive), I suggested that maybe we should get a smaller, REAL Christmas tree instead this year.

I am so accommodating like that.

Much to my delight, Jeff agreed and our quest for the perfect REAL Christmas tree began.

In my head, the Christmas tree search was so much more romantic. We'd all go hand in hand and ohhh and ahhh over the possibilities until we all agreed on the perfect addition to our living room.

In reality, the kids were totally uninterested, so Jeff and I  picked out the tree in about 3 minutes since it was rainy and cold.

Then, as Jeff paid and the teenage boys tied the tree onto the Suburban, the kids raced through the unpicked tree farm like a maze.

I begged them to slow down.

Actually, just FREEZE! and SAY CHEESE! It's picture time!

Meanwhile the owner started yelling at his employees for Not Greeting Customers In A Timely Manner and ruined not only the photo opp, but also the whole Christmas-y memory for me.

So then we left and realized somewhere along the way home that REAL Christmas trees don't come pre-strung with lights.

Who knew?!?

I am happy to report though that no one was injured while Decking the Halls of the Lyle house, despite the fact that a chainsaw was used to trim up the branches.

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