Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Big Reveal Party - A List

1. So first off, I'm pregnant.

2. For the fourth time.

3. It's still sinking in and in the meantime, I've lost my ability to form intelligent sentences. So get used to lists.

4. We had a gender reveal party scheduled for the second I turned 15 weeks and was able to find out the sex of the newest addition to the family.

5. Actually ONE DAY BEFORE, because come on, how much can one baby change in 24 hours?

6. It would have been cool if I had found out at the same time as the other party goers that day. But I'm impatient, and that would have been impossible.

7. It was still a cool party. The only pink (and blue) baby party I will ever have.
8. Party goers wore the color of their guess (pink/blue).

9. This is the fam. It looks like Blake is wearing white in this picture, but he was sporting light pink. He really didn't have a definitive guess, but he looks up to Hayden and Hayden was CONVINCED it was a girl.
10. This was the hopeful (pink) crowd. The one (and only) little girl you see in the pictures (Ella) will not officially be related until she marries Davis in 2030.
11. I was in this crowd only to throw people off since I already knew.

12. Even though Jeff was wearing blue (to split the vote), Uncle Matt took one look at me before the Big Reveal and said, "she's wearing pink, so it's a boy" so matter-of-factly and then "confirmed" it by my reaction.

13. Apparently Matt read some stupid book about facial expressions and lived with me for eighteen years, so he can read my face.

14. Or he is just a good guesser, with really good odds.

15. Aunt Amy went all out and won the best dressed (most hopeful?). She wore a custom GIRL! shirt, with rhinestones and all. Maybe she can wear it to the next gender party she goes to?

16. This is the realistic crowd (blue).
17. This is the big box that the kids opened.

18. And this is what was inside the big box.


 20. These are some happy brothers who are currently in serious negotiations about what to name their baby brother.

21. Up for consideration at the moment: Nathan Cole, Wolverine, Caleb Daniel, Thomas Tank, Lucas Christopher, Harry Potter, Zachary Cole, and Thomas Jerry.

22. (Some names are under stronger consideration than others.)

21. Jeff gave Marc his favorite My Three Sons shirt since he no longer has a need for it.

22. And our world just got a little CRAZIER...but we are SUPER EXCITED and know that Blake will make a great big brother.

24. Stay tuned for a FAQ post.


Ashley McWhorter said...

SO happy for you! We are only 3 (almost 4) weeks in to the whole family of 4 thing, and let me just say...get ready for a wild ride! Ha! Callie and I can give you some great pointers! :)

Mimi said...

This was a fun party. Wow 4 little boys are sure going to be fun for Mimi and GrandDad!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, it was a total fluke that I guessed girl. Your entire pregnancy I have KNOWN it was a boy, but when you were being all sly about it, it made me say girl at the last minute. That was literally the only time I even considered the baby being a girl. Hope all is well. So excited for you!!!