Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's been about a week since our family arrived home from the vacation to Destin and I finally wanted to sit down and record the awesomeness of the trip. But tonight I suffered an injury.

An injury sustained when someone in my family was changing for the night and took off his underwear.

And because this person can't just take his underwear like a normal person, he KICKED them off the tip of his toe right into my EYE with so much force that I thought I was going to lose my eyesight permanently.

My eye instantly filled with tears and all I could think was that I was going to have to explain to everyone that I was blind due to an nasty accident involving a high kick and a pair of Star Wars underwear.

Which would be quite embarrassing.

So, tonight, instead of the full recap, I'll leave you with this.

Bikes and golf carts were the primary mode of transportation to and from the beach.
Which I loved.

More excuses for the lack of blogging:

**We came home to a broken a/c unit and 90 degree house. Which is HOT! Mega HOT!

**Blake is now mobile and often "crawls" his way over to the laptop and bangs on it. Our keyboard is now missing the 'W' and the 'D'.

Not missing (as in his stomach), but we can't reconnect them which really lowers my typing productivity.


Mica said...

Jeff wears Star Wars underwear? Not to judge, but that is weird.

Aunt Amy said...

Goo_ Thing _e don't use those letters to make _or_s :) Too Funny !!!